Who Am I

Who am I you might ask? If I told you my name I wouldn’t be lying, but there is more to it then that. Our name doesn’t make up who we are, the things you do, the people you hang out with, and the way you live do. I have many different strengths, but also many different weaknesses. Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses this is what makes us unique.

Two things that are a substantial part of my life would be baseball and hockey. Baseball and hockey are my favourite things to do. These sports make me who I am because I spend most of my time practicing or playing these sports. The Vermilion Tigers are a part of me because I have played with them since I was five years old. I’ve only played with the Lloydminster Twins for three years but they are a huge part of my life because of how much time I spend with the team. To me these two sports are the most important thing. I would spend all my time playing these sports if I could. I am also part of the St. Jerome’s Spartans volleyball team, I go to school at St. Jerome’s so they are an enormous part of me.

In school I have many weaknesses, but not only weaknesses, I would say that social and science are some of my strengths. I am not so strong in math but I wouldn’t say that I am bad at  it because it is only some areas of math that I am not so strong in. St. Jerome’s has been part of my life since brighter beginnings, I have spent a good amount of my life in this school. When you spend so much time in a school, it makes you who you are. Friends I have made in school, through sports, or just through other friends have also shaped who I am, they change who you are by how they influence you. Sometimes the way you live comes from the people you hang around, by participating in the things they do or just listening to their beliefs.

“You never lose, you either win, or you learn”. This is a good quote to live by because, when you do lose you should know the mistakes you made and why you lost, so you should learn from your mistakes and do better next time. You can apply this not only to sports but your life. When you fail at something you know you should have learned why you failed and by doing this you will be better the next time.

So if you asked who I am I could tell you my name, but that’s only the title my parents gave to me, I am more than that. I am a Vermilion Tiger, a Lloydminster Twin, and a St. Jerome’s Spartan. I am also someone who works hard in school and on sports teams.

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