My Blueprint

In the left sidebar of you could click on home which would allow you to access dashboard, activities, goals, and portfolios. Next you can click on Who Am I which will take you to surveys which will match you with results, for example, after completing the personality survey they may match your personality with a famous person or someone known in history. Following the Who Am I section is high school where you can start to plan your high school courses. Next up would be the post secondary section where you can learn about apprenticeship, college, university, and workplaces. Under the work section, occupations, resumes, cover letters, and job searches are available. After work, comes money, in the money section you can add budgets by clicking add budget in the top right of the screen. Guides and articles, guides will provide you with information dealing with education, career and life planning. Here you can learn more about apprenticeship or applying to colleges in the United States. Last up would be favorites where occupations, apprenticeships, institutions, programs, workplaces, and job listings would be located.

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