#1-9 On The SideWalk Bleeding

1. The protagonist in this story would be Andy because he is the one everyone is rooting for. A protagonist is the character at the center of the story or the main character. A story usually revolves around the protagonist. Andy is part of the Royals (a team or group), he wears a purple jacket with Royals sewin in red thread on the back. Andy and his girlfriend Laura were at a dance, and left to go get smokes, he walked down the back alley to get to another convenience store because the first one he went to was closed. He was stabbed in the back alley going to a different store. When he was stabbed he could only think about his girlfriend Laura. She, and the Royals meant the world to Andy.

2. There were many conflicts in this story, every time someone met Andy lying in the back alley they didn’t know how or why to help Andy. The drunk, Freddie did not know why he should help. The only solution the drunk knew was to drink, so he offered Andy a drink. The drunk did not know what the problem was so the consultation between Andy and the drunk was not so much of a conflict. Freddie and Angela meeting Andy in the back alley was a conflict because Freddie knew what he should have done and that would be to help Andy, but he didn’t. Freddie was scared that the Guardians would find out that he helped a Royal. The old lady throwing away trash was a conflict because she was just like everybody else, a bystander.

4. Andy’s jacket, was in a way, the cause of his death. It was the “cause of his death” because that was the reason Freddie and Angela didn’t help him, but the jacket was the only reason he was stabbed. The people who stabbed him didn’t hate him they hated the Royals. If he wasn’t wearing the royals jacket he wouldn’t have been stabbed. Freddie and Angela thought they would be “down on their necks” if they ever found out.

5. The drunk in the back alley didn’t help Andy because he did not know, he did not know Andy was hurt because he was drunk. The only solution the drunk had for Andy was to drink so he offered Andy a drink, because that was the only thing he knew to do. Freddie and Angela were afraid to help Andy because they were afraid of the Guardians. They may have been a part of the guardians because they were afraid the Guardians would be “down on their necks”. They also didn’t want to get mixed up with the police. The old lady throwing away trash was just like everybody else, a bystander. She didn’t see the problem she did not know she should help.

6. Andy doesn’t realize he is dying until he started to feel sick, weak, tired, alone, wet, chilled, feverish, and like a baby. He knew he was going to die when all help was gone, when there was no one there to help him. He knew he was going to die when he finally realizes he wants to be Andy, not a Royal, he wants to be himself.  When he knew he was going to die all that he could think about was Laura. He also thought that his jacket was absurd, a stupid meaningless thing. All he could think about was love and one day having a family.

7. Andy uses all of his strength that he possibly can to take off his jacket, he does this because he realizes it is absurd. Andy want to die as himself not a Royal, the Royals are now meaningless to Andy and he will do anything to die as himself. He wanted others to know him as Andy so that why he gave everything he had to take the jacket off. He knew the people who stabbed him only hated the jacket not him, the only reason they stabbed him was because of the jacket, it robbed him of his life. Now that he know he’s going to die the Royals mean nothing and Laura means everything.

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