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1)Who was the protagonist?
The protagonist in this story was a sixteen year old guy named Andy. Andy got stabbed in the sidewalk and left to bleed. He was considered to be a tragic hero in this story, he left the jump to buy a pack of smokes while he was walking through the dark back alley he got stabbed below the rib cage. ‘That’s for you Royal’ a voice said after Andy got stabbed. Andy was a Royal, a part of a group to be exact. When the Royals had taken Andy, he was happy. At the time Andy had a girlfriend named Laura, he wanted to to have a future with her.
2) What is/are the conflict?
There was a conflict between man vs man. Andy was a part of a group that was called the Royals, later in the story another group was mentioned it was the Guardians. Two of the biggest and he was a Royal, it meant more than a title to Andy. At the end being a Royal caused him his life, he got stabbed under the rib cage. After getting stabbed a drunk man saw Andy but he was too drunk to realize that Andy was dying. The drunk man had a bottle on his hand and the only way he thought that he could help Andy is to give him a drink of the bottle. There was also a couple who saw Andy laying in the alley half dead but at the end they were too scared that the Guardians would find out that they helped Andy.
In the story Andy had a conflict with himself, he had an existential crisis. Andy started questioning everything about his life but mostly if it was worth dying to be a Royal. During the story Andy started thinking if he really know who he is. He began to see that the rumbles, jumps and purple jacket were just small things, there’s so much bigger things in life than those things.
3) The conflict is developed through the use that apply to the boy: Andy and a Royal. Skim a story to note how the names appear in critical places. What do these names represent?
When Andy got first introduced the author introduced him as “The boy”. Andy was a regular guy who didn’t know who he is. He had no meaning to his life but also loved a girl named Laura. At the end of the story Andy accepted himself for who he is not what he wanted to be or being a Royal. He wanted to die as Andy not as a Royal or anyone else.
Being a Royal meant a lot for Andy it made him happy. Joining the Royal meant that it was a part of a new identity of Andy. It had more meaning to just being a Royal it was a group. After getting stabbed he used his last strength to take the jacket off. He didn’t want to be a Royal anymore, he finally realized that there’s more in life rather than being a Royal and dying.
4) What effect does Andy’s jacket have on the people who find him in the alley?
It didn’t really have an affect on the drunk man because the drunk man saw Andy as another drunk kid. When the couple the could’ve saved Andy but they saw his jacket. At first Freddie wanted to help Andy but when he saw that the jacket says “Royal” he got scared and had a change of mind. Angela on the other hand just wanted to leave when they saw Andy but she had a change of heart. She now wanted to help him but same as Freddie she was scared that the Guardians would find out that they helped a Royal.
5) What are the reasons why these people do not help Andy?
The drunk man only saw one way to solve the problem and that’s to offer Andy a drink. Freddie and Angela were scared that if they help Andy that the Guardians would find out. At the end there was an old lady but she was deaf and didn’t see Andy and cared more about herself. All of them were bystanders they saw a person in trouble but yet didn’t help.
6) At what point does Andy realize he is dying?
He realized he was dying when he felt alone, weak and tired. He pointed out that his life was over at 16, he started wondering about his plan in the future with Laura. Being Royal wasn’t important to Andy anymore he just wanted to live and to have his future with Laura that he had planned.
7) What does Andy do with the last of his strength? How is this important to the theme and to the outcome of the conflict?
Andy used his last strength to take the purple jacket off. The jacket became meaningless to Andy, he just saw it as a jacket nothing more. He wanted people to find him as Andy not a Royal, being a Royal wasn’t important to Andy anymore. Andy wanted to be Andy not to be a Royal.

8)What is the conflict or turning point? Sketch a Plot Diagram.


9) What is the police officer’s reaction to Andy? How does this contribute to the author’s message?

He just treated Andy as another member of a gang, the cop didn’t feel any empathy for Andy. It shows that people feel less empathy to people who seems to be doing the wrong thing. The cop didn’t care about Andy because he was a part of the Royals, if the cop really knew Andy he would’ve cared more about Andy than he does now.

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