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In the past few years, a number of people have gone through my life, which has changed me for the better and the worse.  I have learned that not everyone would always be there for you. A bunch of people over the years have gone through my life, but only a couple have stayed and their the ones who knows me the best. A couple years ago I’ve really gotten more passionate about sports. Moving to Canada, I really hope to have a bright future. There’s a lot of things about myself that I don’t really take a pride in but there’s also some that I’m proud about. Instead to getting mad about what I’m not proud about myself, I’m gonna try to change all that for the better.

One of my favourite hobbies to do is to play sports. Through the years I’ve learned to play a bunch of new sports that I didn’t know anything about. Some of the sports that I’ve learned, I’ve really learned to love. Hockey is one of those sports that I didn’t know about until I moved to Canada. By playing this sport, I’ve made a lot of friends that I never knew I’ll met in my life. Lacrosse is also one sport that I’ve learned to love. Not everyone likes this sport so it’s hard to find people who loves it as much as I do. I’ve also met a lot of people through the years because of this sport. I gotta admit I like lacrosse more than hockey because I’m better at it. Sports is also one of my strengths in life.

I hope to have a bright future like everyone else. One day I want to have a family but more especially I want them to be happy. I also hope for a roof over my head, through the years I’ve learned to be thankful for the little things in life. On top of that I also hope to get married later in life. I wish to provide for my family and give them everything that they need.

My friends consider me to be immature at times. This is one aspect in my life that I can work on a lot. On the other hand there’s also some good aspects in my life. Being good at sports and take pride on it is one of them. I can also be responsible at serious times but most of the time I’m not. This is also one aspect that I can work on in my life. At times I can also be negative and that’s one major aspect that I need to work on. I’m still young and have time to do that.

Life is short so don’t take everything for granted. I’m still young so it’s too early to know who exactly I am but I can’t wait to figure who I am later in life. I try to live my life one day at a time. It’s hard to know what the future holds for me but I can’t wait to see what it holds for me. Not everyone is perfect, and I’m proud to admit that I’m not perfect and I need to work on some things. One man said “Become who you are” I try to live by this quote because some people try to change who they are so people would like them.

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