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There’s quite a few features on the left side of my blueprint. “Home” is one of the features, when you click on it it shows four more aspects. These aspects includes the “Dashboard”, “Activities”, “Goals”, and “Portfolios”. When you click on “Dashboards” it would take you home. “Activities” is a page that tells you what you have accomplished on the website. “Goals” is another part of their website that helps you set a goal for your future. Clicking on “Portfolios” would take you to a site that helps you gain some ideas to write a better portfolio. Below “Home” is “Who am I”, when you click on this feature it helps you to better understand yourself.”High school” is below “Who am I”, “High school” helps you plan your courses for high school.  Underneath “High school” is “Post -Secondary”, after clicking on this feature it would show four more features. These includes “Apprenticeship”, “College & University”, and “Workplace”. “Apprenticeship” helps you search for a job. “College & University” is one feature that helps you search for the best colleges and universities for you. “Workplace” explains work that you can do in the future, it also gives you an estimate on how much a job would earn yearly. Beneath “Post-Secondary” is “Work”, clicking on “Work” would give you four more aspects. These includes “Occupations”, “Resumes”, “Cover Letters”, and “Job Search”. “Occupations” is just like “Workplace”, it gives you some suggestions about some work that you can do in the future. “Resumes” helps you create a resume and gives you a guideline so you can improve on it. “Cover Letters” gives you some examples from other people, this helps by comparing yours to someone else. “Job Search” is almost similar to “Occupations” and “Workplace”, all three of them gives you some suggestions on some work that you could do. Under “Work” is “Money”, this feature helps you have a budget and stay on it. Below “Money” is “Guides and Articles”, this provides information on topics related to education d career/life planning. This website would help me for the long run later in life.


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