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Alliteration- “in this thick tangled grass”

In life we come across obstacles, this line about thick tangled grasses could be used as a symbol. There’s a lot of different animals that could be hiding the grass and if we decide to be scared of what might lay in those grass we’ll never be able to accomplish anything. If we decide to keep going and face our fears at the end we’ll become successful by facing our fears and beating the obstacle in our life.


Symbol- “wall of tress”

The wall of tress could symbolize a border in your mind that separates two different ideas or memory apart. In a distance a wall of tress blocks your sight to see the other side but when you get closer you can see the other side around the tress. Our mind is like this when we have a vivid idea or memory it seems like we’ll never know the answer but when start to remember or have a bigger understanding on the idea our minds opens a whole new world.


Personification- “sun painting”

Nature can be so beautiful that we have no words to describe them. We end up giving them action words like “sun painting”, the sun isn’t actually painting but at times the sunrise and sunset are so memorizing. At times we also say this because the sun shines over world that it seems like its painting over us to give us light.


Paradox- “dogs running free”

The dogs aren’t free, they’re still under the control of their master. In this world we all think we’re free but we still need to follow rules and laws that the government puts out for us.


Symbol- boy not wearing shoes

The boy was showing that he had strength and courage by becoming one with the earth. The little rocks and dirt on the ground was making him stronger by overcoming the pain and running over them for miles.




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