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Our fears does not define our weakness, but helps us achieve the greatness that we strive for. Every individual have or had a sense of fear along their life, however every person handles it differently from one another. I have had this sense of fear before in my life when I had to move to Canada in which I had to leave the place I knew and called home (Philippines). I had never felt this sense of fear in my life, not knowing what the future had for me. Despite of the fear I contained inside me, I had no choice and move to a foreign country. Moving to a foreign country has thought me a lot and has contributed to a large part of who I am today. It has also given me more opportunities in my life more than I could’ve ever imagined. From this experience, I have learned that an individual should not be afraid of the unknown but should embrace it. The unknown and mystery in our lives are adventures and skills that are waiting to be discovered. The fear I had contained inside me is different from others, however from my experience I have one advice to give to the people who are afraid to face their fears, they should face their fear(s) as it opens more doors in their life. When they open new doors in their life they have more opportunities than they would’ve at the beginning, and with these new opportunities new discovery about their identity is discovered.

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