The Problem With Evil

The Problem of Evil


The Problem of Evil talks about all things that are considered evil, and the definition of what evil actually is. If evil things happen to good people, why do they happen? Evil can be considered to be everywhere. Evil was not created from the Creator, but the creators freely choosing sin and selfishness. Take away sin and selfishness and you will have heaven on Earth.


Evil was not created by God. If God created the Earth and everything in it, then why would he create evil? If he created evil then wouldn’t everyone be evil? That is not the case. God granted all human beings free will. By giving humans free will, humans have the choice in creating evil. If God has all this power in creating a world, then why grant the ability to sin, and do evil acts?


Evil is not a thing, but rather a wrong choice. Humans can choose between good and bad decisions, but if you ignore the right decision then that is sin which is evil. Is it evil if you chose to do the “right” thing but did not know about the even better option for the same solution? If you make a decision and you only considered one choice and did not know about the other choice it is not evil. However if you knew the two choices beforehand then chose the wrong one, then that is evil. Choosing not to do good when you can at all times is evil. 


Evil or bad decisions can only be made by one species, humans. When given the choice to choose between good or evil a dog won’t know what the difference is between the two. He will choose what it wants and that’s that. Human beings can hear both decisions, weigh both of them of what they are worth and list the positive and negative outcomes for each of them. Humans choose to do this all the time. When making decisions, humans are the only of its kind in choosing the right choice 99% of the time. The remaining 1% of choices that are hard to make are usually the ones only in life or death situations.


Evil makes humans what we are which are humans. Choosing right or wrong can only be made from humans and we are capable of doing this because we have free will. Free will which was given to us by God. He did not create a world with evil in human beings. He only granted us free will, it is our choice in making good or bad decisions. Evil is only a bad choice which is chosen by humans.

Fake Letter

Dear Brutus:

I write before you regarding the life of Caesar. I fear that you follow him for no reason at all. He is weak and foolish man. I saw from my own eyes that he challenged Cassius to a swimming race and he felt tired and cried for Cassius to save him or he shall sink. Cassius chose to save him because he was not worthy of challenging a person like Cassius. He chose Cassius because he only chooses people to challenge he knows he can beat.

Caesar is not worthy of all the praise he gets from everyone around him. I saw him fall down in the marketplace and foam at the mouth and was speechless. He can not be the ruler of Rome if a man like himself has the falling sickness, I also heard that he is deaf in the left ear.

A man like Caesar getting applauded for the killing of Pompeii is preposterous. He was his friend why on Earth would he do such a thing? Caesar is a weak man he is not strong nor smart enough to be a ruler of any kind.


Making Uno Cards

For part of this project, I helped Robert make some Magic themed Uno cards. He cut out the numbers and the skip a turn, the reverse, and the wild cards. I used the magic card maker website to make the Uno cards into Magic themed cards.

First I needed to download the cutout cards Robert sent me. Then I through the cards into the card making website and had to fill out some of the info for the new card. I renamed all the cards so they corresponded to what type they were (if it were a red 7, I had to rename it Red Seven) I changed the colour frame so it was correct with what the card was. I changed the type of card so it said, creature. Then I chose a new icon which was named Ixalan. Then for the description of the new Uno cards, I wrote what the cards do in the game. (If it was a plus 4 it would read next player has to pick up four cards)




Create A T-Shirt 5

For my fifth shirt design, I used the strong buff man png I used before in my other t-shirt designs. I decided to use the head of the Lorax and the legs of him to complete the rest of the body.

I first put the buff man in the center of the page


After I did that I looked up a picture of the Lorax and lassoed the body off the head of him.


I lassoed and kept the legs of the Lorax


After I lassoed the head and the legs I placed the head of the Lorax at the top of the body of the bodybuilder png.


After that, I put the Lorax legs where they should be.


I was pretty much done with the whole design of the body, but the colours didn’t match up very well. To fix that I copied the images of the head, body and legs, and pasted them over the first layer of the whole body. I changed the colours of the layers that were over the body to orange so that they would match the Lorax’s skin tone. When that was done I had to change the opacity of the layers so that the details of the body would show through the layer that was over top of the normal body. I changed the heads opacity to 55 the bodies to 70 and the legs to 50. The most challenging part was trying to match all of the layer’s opacity to be the same colour, or pretty much the same colour. I tried the best I could to make them the same. This is how it turned out.

Finally, I used the eraser tool and went around the edges of the entire body to make it smoother looking.


Create a T-Shirt 4

I made a different version of the last shirt I made with the gumball machine. Instead of making the gumball machines whole body buff and strong I instead only used the arms of the png and replaced them on the gumball machine.

I first took the body of the gumball machine but took the arms off of it using the eraser tool.


After I did that I used the strong buff man png and erased the body and left the arms.


After I did that I placed the arms perfectly beside the body of the gumball machine

Create Your Own Logo

The first assignment I picked was creating your own logo:


First, I used the text tool to make the capitol letter M.


Second, I used the spiral tool to make one half of the mustachio, coloured it orange then made a copy of it to put on the other side, and make it complete.


Third I moved the mustachio over the big letter M, and aligned it just perfectly above the bottom of the letter.


Next I aligned a star behind the letter and made it orange.


After that I made a blue circle and put it behind of the star.


And last I made a red circle and put it behind all of the images

Write a Short Story: The Michelle I Know

The Move

It was the last day of summer vacation. I chose to spend that last day with my friends. It’s easy growing up in a small town making friends with your neighbors and your parent’s friends kids, but what’s not easy is losing those friends that you have made connections with over the past 7 years. Derrick never truly understood why he and his parents were moving from their town to one of the biggest cities in the world. His father is a realtor and his mother a waitress at a bar. Sure they could be moving because there were barely any houses for families to buy, but Derrick liked his small town because of his friends, family, and all of the great times he had there.


“Hey, bud its time to get up!” my mother was standing over me where I lay on my bed sleeping. I woke up frantically. “Its finally the day to go, hurry up don’t be late or we may leave without you.” She said with a chuckle. Maybe that would be better than leaving everything we know here. I thought in my head. “I’ll be down in a minute.” She left my room as soon as I said that. “Well, its finally come. The day I have been dreading for months. Just deep breaths. In out, in out, in…….out.” I came down to the dining room to eat breakfast. I was feeling a little sick after I ate but the feeling went away as soon as we started driving out of the small town I called home.


We left town around 8 am and arrived at our new destination at 5:30 pm. We settled into our new house quite swimmingly. The night at our new house felt very warm and comforting, even though I didn’t sleep much throughout the night. Why did we have to move? I never wanted to leave my friends. How is school going to be? With all these thoughts going through my head I felt that sickness in my stomach come back again. I woke up the next morning bright and early for some odd reason, even though the thought of sleep didn’t cross my mind the night before. I ate breakfast and raced down to school with anxiety and happiness both in my head. “Alright first day at the new school just don’t embarrass my self and it will be ok”


As that first dreaded bell of the day went off in the huge building full of students, I felt the school move. Kids of all ages raced through the halls just to go to their first class of the day. I went to the head office to see where I was first and it was physical education. I headed over to the gymnasium and got changed for the exercises I was going to do. We first did some stretches then some laps around the gym. Some of the more athletic kids came to me and asked if I ever did some track stuff back at my old school and I said yes, I was quite the track star back then.


It was time to play dodgeball and I being the new kid wasn’t picked till last. While being on the “losing team” the opposing team had all the stronger players on them. Little did they know I wasn’t going to back down to them. The whistle was blown and not even a second later a ball came whizzing by my head about half an inch from my right ear. As more balls came flying by I dodge them all. One with lighting fast speed came at my face and I caught it perfectly just before it hit me in the face. They were all out of balls, so that meant it was my turn. I held two balls one in my right hand and one in the left and threw the one with my right hand first it bolted out of my fingertips and instantly hit one of the enemy players. It bounced off of him and came rolling back to me on the ground. There were only 5 more kids to pick off next and like the first guy I took out the rest the exact same way. As I hit one kid the ball came rolling back to me, and again, and again. Till there was no one else left to get out.


After the class was over the kids on the other team came up to talk to me. “Hey, you got one hell of a cannon for an arm kid,” I said thanks. “If you want to hang out with us we will be happy to let you in if you want.” As those words came out of the kid’s mouth I realized that I might have a better time here than I thought. “I’m glad you asked, and yes I will be happy to join you guys,” I said while grinning from ear to ear.

To Build a Fire: Research: Gather Facts

“To Build a Fire” takes place in the Yukon. Use online sources to find out more about the first large settlement in the Yukon during the Klondike Gold Rush. List each fact you discover. Include a link to the source of each fact you collect. Divide your facts into categories, for example, the type of people who went there, or how people traveled to the gold fields.

Types of people:
-Mostly Americans with backgrounds of farmers, merchants, and experienced miners

Travel:-The two most heavily traveled routes were Skagway and the next town over called Dyea

-The largest Gold strike in Canadian history
-Drew in over 100,000 miners
-Over $1 Billion of gold dug up
-With 30,000 miners only around 4,000 miners found gold

War: Respond to the Story

Whose war does the author refer to in the title? Support your view with examples from the story.

-In the short story created by Timothy Findley it is set in World War II.


With a small group, discuss whether you think the way Neil reacts to his father leaving is typical of a ten-year-old boy. Why do you think he throws the stones?

-I think it is the typical way a ten year old boy should react. He is sad and mad that his own father will be leaving him to fight in World War 1, and he may not see him again. He throws the stones because he is in denial. He cannot believe that his father is leaving him to fight. So he is outraged and wants to throw stones in his fit of rage.


Like most stories, the action builds up to an event that’s the high point or climax. What is the climax of “War”?

-The climax of the story is when Neil’s father leaves him to go to war and he only then realizes that he is sorry for his actions against his father, like throwing stones at him.

“Life’s Scientific”

When Piggy says “life’s scientific” he speaks the truth. The world around them is crumbling and falling apart. The boys were all shipped on planes and crash landed on this island not knowing what to do. It is up to them to decide what to do or they risk letting the chaos begin. Everything the boys do and say affect what happens to them. Just like a science experiment. Anything that happens to them happens for a reason. Religious people will believe that it happened because God “told” them to do it.


Ideas of making shelter and fire, and how to hunt are all decisions that the boys face when on the island. On their second day of being on the island they all agree to make shelters for their survival. The boys need to make careful and effective decisions on the island and making shelter for them should be a given. Without shelter they won’t be able to protect themselves in the night. Making that kind of decision would be crucial, and without doing so could result in hurting themselves. Choosing between have or not have shelter can be a risky decision. Many people on an island wouldn’t choose not to have shelter if given the chance.


On their first night being stranded on this island, one of the boys says they should build a fire using Piggy’s glasses. There are others ways of making fires without them, but that would take to long and they would be less effective. Having that boy suggest the idea of Piggy’s glasses for the fire can be a scientific decision in their lives at that moment. Using his glasses is the only real example of making the smartest and effective chose when making the fire.


While being on the island Ralph makes Jack and his boys the leaders of the hunt. With Jack having the knife with him on hand while they landed, makes him the most qualified in hunting for food on the island. Jack and his knife make him the most dangerous. Being stranded on an island the only logical thing a human should do is to hunt food for their survival, that being pigs or boars. Later in the book we find that Jack only wants to hunt for food and play a game, while Ralph wants to keep the fire going for their rescue.


If someone is stranded on a deserted island they make different decisions either based on their lives or by insticked. Making fire, shelters and hunting for food are all scientific decisions that make life what it is today.