Qualities of Friendship

1. Good listener
2. Supportive
3. Fearless

Friends can be knowledgeable, funny, or strong. They can be nice, understanding, or even caring. What I look for in a friend is someone who is a good listener, someone I can really talk to and they understand me. Someone who is supportive and has my back. Someone who is fearless, who doesn’t take “anything” from anyone.

Someone who is a good listener can understand what I have to say and somehow relate to it. They can support me in any way with it, or also disagree with it. Someone who can listen to me well will also get the same treatment back.

A friend that can support you through your decisions in life is a pretty good friend of yours. He or she can give you positive or negative feedback while still trying to help you with your “problem”. If they can be honest with you that would be better, but if a friend who is willing to support me, is a friend I’d like to have with me forever.

I would like a friend that is fearless. Someone who isn’t scared of anything, anyone or anyone’s problems that get thrown at them. What I mean by problems is that if anyone is causing a problem for them or me, like starting rumors or just talking bad about us. He isn’t afraid of talking back to them and sticking up for the both of us.

All these traits I would look for in a friend. They could be different from yours or you may have some of them the same. If a friend of mine had all these traits I would have the best time with them.

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