PAT Practice Assignment


Leadership can help people in friendly relationships. Being a leader can help you make friends or even make everyone around you seem happier in their everyday lives. When people see you as a leader they respect you more, and you might even make a few more friends. Leaders can influence others to be more productive in their lives, or develope more “leadership” skills

A leader could be talking about a man or a woman. Leaders can help people with problems. In sports everyone on your team usually looks up to their leaders, weather that’s you or someone else you know. Leaders are in your groups of friends as well. You may or may not know who that is just quite yet, but you will know eventually.

Leaders have different ways in showing how they lead others. Some use their tone of voice and aggression to make sure they are heard and understood. Some try to be nice and make sure everyone around them feels safe and welcome. People can argue that both of these methods could work. But honestly it’s up to the leader to decide what works for them. Being a good communicator is great trait to have when being a leader. Creativity and innovation are also good as well. Also having honesty and integrity, commitment and compassion, and accountability.

If your apart of a sports team, or something along the lines of that, then you are aware that they have a leader in them. Leaders can help their team successfully win their games because of them. Leaders are who they are because of a few different ways like self promoting, and trust building. Now self promoting can sound like bragging at times, but it could help you to become a influential and inspiring leader. Trust building can be a powerful factor in becoming a leader. As people around you begin to see that you can be trustworthy, people will recognize you as more powerful and inspiring.

Leaders help others become more confident with themselves and anyone else who follows them. They also help make healthy relationships with themselves and everyone else. Leaders can help teams win. They make everyone feel safe and comfortable. They can be male, or female. Tall or short. Or even smart or dumb, anyone can be a leader.

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