Practice PAT 2

Importance of Being Kind

Kindness. Being kind isn’t just about being nice to people. You can be kind by just saying hi, or just by waving at them. It could be about helping someone you know about yard work or chores. Or just trying to make someone happier when they are alone. Being kind to your family and friends should be a given, but you should also try being kind to everyone around you. Your neighbours, seniors and even animals.

Helping someone out with chores or yard work can really go along the way with someone who can’t do it on their own, like seniors. Even when your considering helping someone with a task like that can really show people that your willing to do something kind for someone’s else’s safety. Showing hospitality or generosity can show that you’re trying to be nice to someone by helping them with various tasks.

Being kind to people when they are sad or lonely can really help them through their tough times. You see someone sitting alone while they eat lunch. You offer to sit with them and keep them company. You talk for a while then you make friends with this new person, and you make them smile and laugh. See now if you hadn’t done that they would have been sad and lonely and probably were thinking about why people wouldn’t sit with them for lunch. They would have doubted themselves and thought they should change just to try and fit in. By taking time out of your schedule and helping this person out, they wouldn’t be sad anymore. See kindness can reduce sad thoughts and feelings, and now that person you just helped out is happier than they were before. You might have helped them with their confidence and now they are ready to make friends of their own. Being kind to others can boost their confidence and make them feel better about themselves and everyone else around them.

Acts of kindness are acts by people who actively seek out opportunities to help others they may or may not know. Some examples of being kind are: holding a door open, helping a person across a street, asking someone who looks lost if they need directions, complimenting someone, sending a sick person a get-well card, volunteering, and the list goes on. All these examples are great for being kind. Doing these can really help people in their lives.

Kindness. You don’t have to give kindness to anyone every second of the day. But kindness is a great part of today’s society. Without kindness the world would run ranipet, everything and everyone would go crazy in a world without even a little bit of kindness. Giving kindness can help a lot of people. If your one of those people that hate everyone and everything, then just at least give a little bit of kindness once in a while, because hey it could save someone’s life remember?

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