After Chapter 2 Critical Response: Life’s Pressures

In chapter one when Ralph noticed the conch in the lagoon Piggy was the first to say we should use this to call the others and have a meeting. When some of the other kids arrived he then said that they should write down their names so they don’t forget them. He had the right idea of recording their names but he decided not to because he didn’t have the materials to do so. Usually, when Piggy has an idea he says “my aunt says”. He refers to his aunt because he spent a lot of time with her. That makes him not think on his own. He would think back and try to remember what his aunty says to basically make his decisions for him. His influences are fueled by what his aunt thinks and what she does. When Piggy is faced with a seize the moment decision he usually has the right ideas for them but sometimes waits awhile to execute them. Piggy usually worries about Jack because he constantly yells and bullies him.

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