Chapter 1

1. Describe the setting of the story.
Between the years of 1945-1955 after Hitler rose to power.

2. What Events led to the boys’ arrival on the island?
People were shovelling kids onto planes and “shipping” them far away from where they once were, and one of the plane’s engines caught fire and they crash landed onto a mysterious uninhabited island.

3. Why couldn’t Jack kill the pig?
Jack couldn’t kill the pig because he acted like a tough person to everyone else and when it came time to really show everyone how tough he was he froze up and couldn’t bring himself to do it.

4. Who emerges as the leader of the group? Why?
Ralph is the leader of the group. When Jack and his choir came to join the others, he was so eager to become their group leader. Ralph took initiative and said, “Why don’t we take a vote who the leader should be?” Jack’s boys voted for him while the others including Piggy voted for Ralph to be the leader. Ralph won the votes of the remaining kids and became their leader.

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