Create A T-Shirt 5

For my fifth shirt design, I used the strong buff man png I used before in my other t-shirt designs. I decided to use the head of the Lorax and the legs of him to complete the rest of the body.

I first put the buff man in the center of the page


After I did that I looked up a picture of the Lorax and lassoed the body off the head of him.


I lassoed and kept the legs of the Lorax


After I lassoed the head and the legs I placed the head of the Lorax at the top of the body of the bodybuilder png.


After that, I put the Lorax legs where they should be.


I was pretty much done with the whole design of the body, but the colours didn’t match up very well. To fix that I copied the images of the head, body and legs, and pasted them over the first layer of the whole body. I changed the colours of the layers that were over the body to orange so that they would match the Lorax’s skin tone. When that was done I had to change the opacity of the layers so that the details of the body would show through the layer that was over top of the normal body. I changed the heads opacity to 55 the bodies to 70 and the legs to 50. The most challenging part was trying to match all of the layer’s opacity to be the same colour, or pretty much the same colour. I tried the best I could to make them the same. This is how it turned out.

Finally, I used the eraser tool and went around the edges of the entire body to make it smoother looking.


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