Making Uno Cards

For part of this project, I helped Robert make some Magic themed Uno cards. He cut out the numbers and the skip a turn, the reverse, and the wild cards. I used the magic card maker website to make the Uno cards into Magic themed cards.

First I needed to download the cutout cards Robert sent me. Then I through the cards into the card making website and had to fill out some of the info for the new card. I renamed all the cards so they corresponded to what type they were (if it were a red 7, I had to rename it Red Seven) I changed the colour frame so it was correct with what the card was. I changed the type of card so it said, creature. Then I chose a new icon which was named Ixalan. Then for the description of the new Uno cards, I wrote what the cards do in the game. (If it was a plus 4 it would read next player has to pick up four cards)




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