Fake Letter

Dear Brutus:

I write before you regarding the life of Caesar. I fear that you follow him for no reason at all. He is weak and foolish man. I saw from my own eyes that he challenged Cassius to a swimming race and he felt tired and cried for Cassius to save him or he shall sink. Cassius chose to save him because he was not worthy of challenging a person like Cassius. He chose Cassius because he only chooses people to challenge he knows he can beat.

Caesar is not worthy of all the praise he gets from everyone around him. I saw him fall down in the marketplace and foam at the mouth and was speechless. He can not be the ruler of Rome if a man like himself has the falling sickness, I also heard that he is deaf in the left ear.

A man like Caesar getting applauded for the killing of Pompeii is preposterous. He was his friend why on Earth would he do such a thing? Caesar is a weak man he is not strong nor smart enough to be a ruler of any kind.


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