The Rule of Thoughts by James Dashner

My book is called The Rule of Thoughts by James Dashner. Michael, Bryson, and Sarah are the main characters and they are trying to defeat a tangent called Kaine. Michael and his friends were asked by the VirtNet Security (VNS) to stop Kaine and his plans.

Michael was once a Tangent himself. His whole life he thought he was a real human in the world.

He was actually in a game called Lifeblood. Michael became human through and experiment by Kaine called the Mortality Doctrine. Kaine expected Michael to do everything that he wanted. When Michael and his friends went into the VirtNet Kaine sucked them into a dark space and asked them why they weren’t following orders

Michael, Bryson, and Sarah were doing everything they could to stay hidden. If they used their EarCuffs, Kaine could track where they were. They had to find something else to keep up to date with.

Once they heard of people being attacked or having weird behaviours, they decided to talk to the VirtNet security. But first, Michael, Bryson, and Sarah had to locate a VNS station near them.

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