The Challenges to Survival

Today, there are many challenges to survive for humans. Even though we may feel safe, there is always the unexpected. Sometimes you need to take risks while other times you need to play it safe. Natural disasters have caused havoc on Earth for billions of years. Its not just natural disasters that are causing destruction, man is also causing problems on this world.

When you are out in the wild, you need to be able to not worry about the future but what is happening then and there. You will need to take risks to survive. The people willing to take risks in the wilderness will be the ones who survive. In other situations you need to play it safe. you can’t go running like a wild man if you are in a shady area. In some situations, you might be followed by someone and need to get away, there is a decision whether to take a chance or be careful. That is a decision only you can make. I think the people that are willing to take risks and are able to adapt will live.

Natural disasters have occurred since the beginning of the Earth. One of the worst in Alberta lately has been forest fires. Some communities, such as Fort McMurray, have very little left from the fire.

There are many different stories on how the Fort Mac fire started. Some people say it was started by a cigarette butt.

Fires are not the only devastating disaster. There are hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes. Tornadoes are funnels of very high speeds of wind. Tornadoes have been known to wipe a small community off the map.

Humans always need to be aware about natural disasters and what they can do to the world.


It is not just natural disasters that are destroying this world, man is causing trouble also. One of the worst things that man is doing is deforestation. This causes animals to lose there home and habitat.

Trees are known as “carbon sinks” because they take in carbon dioxide and put out oxygen into the environment. With less trees, there is more carbon in the atmoshsphere which is said to be thinning the ozone layer causing global warming.

People need to be aware when they are cutting down trees and that they don’t cut down too many. Also people have to stop littering. Wildlife might think the garbage is food and they will eat it. They will get poisoned and will die or they will choke and die.

Now you are aware about what happens on this world. Who will survive, what natural disasters can do to the Earth, and what humans do to the Earth. These are only some of the challenges to survival that humans and nature need to cope with.

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