No Cell Phones in Class

Many students own cell phones in this day and age. That doesn’t give them the right to use it in class though. I think that students shouldn’t have cell phones in the classroom because of three main factors; distraction, privacy, and cheating.

When students are in the classroom and on their phone, it shows that they are not paying attention to the teacher. If cell phones are prohibited in class, kids will not be distracted from their learning. Students who are actively on their phones in class are disrupting themselves and others by taking pictures and their ringer going off. Some students enjoy listening to music in class and use that as an excuse to use their phone in class. If the teacher allows music some classes, they can get their phone from their locker. Kids who bring their phones into class, even if they don’t use it, have a chance to get their learning affected. When someone texts a student during class and their phone goes off, it is natural to wonder who texted them. If they are on their phone, they’re not listening to what the teacher is teaching. Without knowing the material, that student will not be prepared for a quiz or test.

For some students, distraction isn’t the only concern. It is also a privacy matter. You will find that if kids are allowed to go on their phones in class, they will take photos and videos of others who might not want their picture taken. What if it was an embarrassing photo? It could be posted on social media and that student could be an easy target to make fun of or bully. Everybody has the right to privacy and it is others responsibility to respect that.

If a teacher allows the students to have phones in the classroom, some kids will take advantage of that and start cheating. Especially for math, kids can just get on calculator and find the right answer. It could happen in all subjects. The student can search on the internet for answers or ideas in social or language arts. Teachers will need to be even more aware of that during tests and quizzes. Cheating is an easy way for students with a low mark to improve their situation. If there are no cell phones allowed in class, there will be a reduced chance for cheating.

Those are the reasons why kids shouldn’t have cell phones in the classroom. When they are distracted, they don’t learn properly. Others privacy should be respected, and cheating is a way for kids to get a better mark. Teachers should think twice before allowing phones in the classroom.

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