Help the Earth and Its People

It is very important to protect the Earth, but it is also important to care for the less fortunate. If you are travelling across town, ride a bike to limit pollution in the air. The more cars on the road means more carbon emissions. The carbon emissions could be inhaled by animals, making them sick. Plant trees to help reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere. Don’t leave the lights on if nobody is in the room. Even though the lightbulb doesn’t pollute the air, the coals burnt to produce the energy does pollute the air. Make time to play with children at homeless shelters. Bring them toys and games that you don’t use anymore. When the kids get the new toys they become filled with joy.Spend time with the elderly at senior homes. Just something as simple as saying “hi” can make their day. They love when you come to play cards or cribbage with them. In everything you do, try to help the Earth and the people on it. Make sure to preserve the Earth and support the people who are less fortunate.

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