St. Jerome’s School

Almost every week at St. Jerome’s School, an event is taking place. Some occasions, like Gymnastics Day, involve most of the school. Other times, a sporting tournament is on where only athletes on the team play. On non-eventful days, make sure to know which subjects we are learning.
Every student from grade four to grade twelve is sorted into one of three houses; Fraser, Mackenzie, and Cartier. This happens on September thirtieth, St. Jerome’s Day. After doing small events to gain house points throughout the year, the main event, Gymnastics Day takes place on Holy Thursday. The houses practice at lunch for approximately one month before the performance. Gymnastics Day consists of three parts. The first is Swedish Drill where the house line up and and do stretches according to their theme. The pyramid parts is when the houses build and collapse human pyramids during a story. Last is the individual events where students show off their best gymnastic skill. When the competition comes to a close, the judges tally up their scores and then the winner is announced.
For years, St. Jerome’s has offered a wide variety of sports. Volleyball, played from September to mid-November is among the most popular. Normally the cross-country running season takes place during the same time. One golf tournament at the beginning of the year is available for junior high students to attend. After volleyball ends, basketball begins and runs until mid-March. Basketball is another student favorite. Canadian James Naismith invented basketball in 1891. Many students participate in badminton in the spring. The highest championship you can win in junior high is Highway Sixteens. Winning provincials is the highest achievement in for senior high.
St. Jerome’s, along with many other schools, has four main subjects; math, science, social, and language arts. Our school also teaches religion, health, physical education, and options. In math, numerical equations, problem solving, and geometry are taught. The history of the world and how societies interact is what we learn in social. Some of the areas of focus in language arts is reading comprehension and creative writing. In science we are taught how the universe and everything inside it works. We learn about our mental and physical health in health class. Physical education gives us a time to get active and a break from working. In religion we study on how to strengthen our relationship with god. Students from grade six to eight can choose an option subject to learn. Options vary from which teacher is offering them.
St. Jerome’s is a great school for all students. Now you know about Gymnastics Day, the sports at the school, and the subjects you’ll learn. With this information, you should be able to fit right in at St. Jerome’s.



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