Word Craft: A Sunrise on the Veld

The definition of superfluity is an unnecessary or extra amount of something.  A superfluity of youth is making the most out of your life before rules control your adult life. “He was clean crazy, yelling mad with the joy of living and a superfluity of youth.” In a way, it is like the boy went crazy. Not worrying about what possible dangers are ahead. The boy ran carefree through the tangled grass, even though he could easily break his ankle.

Sulkily is being quiet and slightly angry because of disappointment. “He was a small boy again, kicking sulkily at the skeleton” The boy was was sulking at the buck’s death because he was so mad but yet disappointed that the buck died yet still refused to accept responsibility for breaking the buck’s leg. The boy knew he couldn’t save the buck and reassured himself by telling himself that these things happen all the time in nature even thought he was the one to cause the buck to be vulnerable to the ants in the first place.

Incredulously means in a manner of disbelief. Being so amazed that it is almost impossible to think that it is real. “He thought incredulously, remembering the liquid dark eyes of a buck.” The boy thought about eyes of the majestic creature but when he looked down at the skeleton, it was just empty holes. He was shocked to see the difference from when the buck was living to when there was nothing but bits of pink on white bones.

Tumult means great confusion or disorder. There is a bold or vibrant commotion. “He rushed under the vlei under a tumult of crimson and gold.” This shows that there is a mix or blend of colors in the sky. The sky is in conflict with its self. There is a foreshadowing that there will be a conflict later in the story. The tumult in the sky shows that everything in the world is in a conflict with something.

Veld is an open grassland in southern Africa. Doris Lessing lived in Africa and that could be a reason why the story is set on a veld in Africa The veld is where the story takes place. The openness of a veld could represent the carefree an open personality of the boy.  Right when you read the title “A Sunrise on the Veld” it starts you thinking of what the story will be, especially if you do not know what veld means

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