Dealing With Fears

Fear is the emotion we experience when we perceive someone or something as dangerous. Nonetheless, just because someone is fearful of something, does not mean that what they fear poses an actual threat. Each individual acts differently in response to their fears. Humans, when faced with a fear, instinctually either freeze, fight or flight. People commonly think of these three choices when faced with a physical fear or danger, such as a bear or spider. However, these can also be used for psychological fears. Many people choose to flee from their fears as quickly as they possibly can. However, there are often times where people cannot just turn and run from their fears. When fear becomes an obstacle in the way of achieving a goal, we must know how to fight, or overcome and deal with that fear. Not so long ago, I was afraid to try out for a baseball team. Looking back at it now, it was an absurd fear, but at the time I had a difficult time finding the courage to go. I believed that when I arrived at the tryout, I would not be nearly as good as the other players and I would be making a fool of myself. Also, I did not know anyone else that was trying out, and I thought that I would struggle with making new friends. I was finally able to overcome my fear by believing that my own assets and abilities would help me make new friends and work to the best of my abilities in the tryout. As important as it was to believe in myself, I found that is was more important that I also accepted the possibility that I may get cut and not make the team. It is just as important to use our abilities to overcome our fears as it is to be able to be prepared for failure.

Macbeth, as perceived by the public, has no fear. The people believe he is a courageous hero, not afraid of anything that stands in his way of victory. However, everyone experiences fear in their lives. The difference is how they are able to adapt to and overcome their fears. Macbeth has either

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