JQUERY colorbox

Go to the left side of my Blog page and click on plugins. Then search for Jquery colorbox. When you find it click on that option.After searching it and the correct one that you are looking for shows up then there should be a blue activate option below name of the plugin. If that is the one you want to activate.

Changing the theme and widgets for your site:

  1. Go to the left side of my iblog dashboard. Click on Appearance option> Customize option.
  2. Your iblog page will load and show up on the right side of the screen. Look on the screen is a list of options. Click on Active theme and name your page. Beside the Active theme is a change bar. Click on that to change name of theme.

3. You will see other options in the list. When you see the  widget option, click on it.

Megan’s Art Gallery

In Row 1, I attended 3 different paint nights. I created 3 winter pictures. You have a small group of people and your art instructor tells you what to do and what colours to use. Everyone ends up with a canvas painting that is the same. The class lasted about 3 hours.

In Row 2, I looked at a picture and then created the image on a canvas. First I use a pencil to draw the image and then I use acrylic paints to finish the painting. These pictures I did at my Art class at Outreach School.

The pictures in Row 3 I created by myself. Again I first sketch them and then use acrylic paints to finish them. See here how to find the best service in acrylic printing.

Row 4 is my abstract paintings. It’s about using color and creating splatter paintings.

Row 5 starts with my sculptures. I use sculpting clay and created these characters. The clay comes in different colors so I had to think what my character would look like before I began sculpting. The leaf challenged me to create different patterns using the same colors.

Row 6 shows two paintings that I sketched first and then painted. My favorite pictures to draw are dragons.

The 7th row shows my pencil sketches. For the dragon picture I used 2 photos. The head is from a different photo than the body. The racoon and the kitten are from photos too. I pencil sketched the kitten for someone I know as a Christmas gift.

The first picture in Row 8 I won the Global National Award for my First Nations creation. The second painting painting shows my first ever painting I did. The last one was a painting I created for my English class.

Row 9 show 3 paintings I recreated from a small drawing.

The wolf picture in Row 10 I created by myself. I enjoyed doing this night scene. The Lapis Lazuli is my favorite painting of all.




Christmas chains

  • We went to the paper room to find red and green paper.
  • We cut strips of paper.

  • Take one  red strip of paper and glue end to end.
  •  Take one green strip of paper and glue end to end after looping through the red circle


  • We did this over and over and over again until we made a long chain.
  • we took a break and Miss Tayler treated us to a cupcake!


  • After our cupcake we linked our chains together and hung them in the kitchen for Miss Tayler.


Merry Christmas Miss Tayler!

Dragon 1

  • Go to google drive
  • click on picture
  • download image
  • click finder face
  • go to Go > applications
  • open Adobe Illustrator
  • find create new & click on “print document”.
  • find orientation > flip image > click ok
  • go file > Save As > desktop
  • name pic > dragon  1.ai > save > ok
  • scan picture & e-mail to self.
  • Alway open “ai” file first
  • go file >  place > desk top
  • get picture from photo copier
  • go object > transform > rotate
  • change angle to 90> ok
  • change angle to 180> ok
  • object > transform> scale > 95
  • object> transform> transform again until picture fits in blank form
  • when it is in form> live trace> options  & choose one.

Snow picture to scale

    • go window > layer
    • click black triangle on layer 1
    • open black triangle
    • name it  outline
    • close layer 1
    • open layer 2
    • go edit > copy > layer > create new > edit > paste in front
    • Mr. Sader guided us through pathfinder process
    • click on rectangle tool to take white  out of Pictures
    • click on left side, right side, top & bottom one at a time until re-sized
    • when done, click file > save
    • click illustrator> quit illustrator
    • Drop saved file into  download
    • e-mail to Mr. Sader
    • Mr. Sader then  sent our picture from hid computer to the Roland Versa Camm machine. It is a heat transfer vinyl cutter machine.
    • It prints our picture on the vinyl.

Google “heat transfer vinyl cutter” for more information.

  • Once printed and cut we then transferred onto siser . easy mask paper. Google ” Siser Heat Transfer Vinyl
  • Click on video’s> “How To Layer with Siser Easy weed”


  • enjoy the video and see the entire process.

  • Last step was to use the heat press to transfer my picture onto my bag.
  • When I put my picture in my blog I needed to rotate it to the correct postiton.
  • go> edit image on right side of screen under Attachment Details.
  • then click on rotate button to get it right side up
  • save>insert in blog.
  • Here’s my finished project. I love it!
  • Done in time for Christmas gifts to my Mom and sister, and a T-shirt for me!





Find The Differences


Here are the steps that out will need if you want to do this activity. When you are done reading the  steps try to find the differences on my pictures. Have fun!

  • Email 2 photos to gmail account
  • Open email
  • Hover pointer over photo; click Google Drive (yellow/blue/green triangle)
  • Click Apps menu (6 squares; upper right grey menu bar)
  • Select Google Drive
  • Right click photo
  • Select Download
  • Drag jpg file from bottom bar onto desktop
  • Repeat for second photo
  • Select yellow circle from top left corner to close screen.
  • Click on Desktop
  • Go to the Finder menu, at top of screen
  • Click Go
  • Select Applications
  • Double click Adobe Photoshop (blue folder with Ps)
  • Double click Adobe Photoshop (blue folder with Ps)
  • Right click first image, that is on the desktop
  • Open with Adobe Photoshop
  • Drag bottom right corner to make screen larger.
  • At top, click Image
  • Select Image Size
  • Unclick “Scale Styles”
  • Unclick “Constrain Proportions”
  • Change width to 600 pixels and height 800 pixels (make sure only “resample image” is clicked); click OK
  • Change percent to 100 (bottom right corner)
  • Screenshot image
  • Click File from top menu
  • Select New
  • Change width to 1200cm and height to 800cm; click OK
  • Ignore message; click Continue
  • Chose Select from top menu
  • Click All (ants appear)
  • Click Edit, from top menu
  • Select Copy
  • Choose Tab 2 (Untitled-1)
  • Click Edit, from top menu
  • Select Paste; first image should appear
  • In bottom left corner, change to 100%
  • Change pointer to mover tool
  • Move picture and line up with corner
  • Screenshot
  • Click yellow circle in top left corner
  • Right click on second image
  • Open with photoshop
  • At top, click Image
  • Select Image Size
  • Unclick “Scale Styles”
  • Unclick “Constrain Proportions”
  • Change width to 600 pixels and height 800 pixels (make sure only “resample image” is clicked); click OK
  • Change percent to 100 (bottom right corner)
  • Screenshot image
  • Chose Select from top menu
  • Click All (ants appear)
  • Click Edit, from top menu
  • Select Copy
  • Choose Tab 3 (Untitled-1)
  • Click Edit, from top menu
  • Select Paste; second image should appear
  • If needed, change to 100% (bottom left corner)
  • Change pointer to mover tool
  • Move picture and line up with corner
  • Screenshot
  • Create a new layer:
  • In bottom right corner, choose image beside trash can
  • Screen shot
  • Invisible layer on top is like a transparency that I can write on.
  • Grab paint brush tool and circle differences
  • Screen shot

visual grande cache composition

step 1. I took a picture on my phone and mailed it to myself

step 2. download adobe photoshop

step 3. drag image from chrome to desk top

step 4. go back to photoshop 

step 5. right click photo, open with – photoshop, right click duplicate layer,

step 6. click off eye on background icon step 7. click on the blue background copy

step 8. on left side of screen click on Lasso tool

step 9. circle what you want to change with Lasso tool

step 10. now select colors or Tone balance to change.

step 11. when done click ok

step 12. press command + shift + 4

step 13. start @ top right hand corner and click on mouse and highlight picture to take screen shot

step 14. then put your shots on the desktop in an orderly fashion.

step 15. you may take as many screen shots to change your picture, so you need to save them on your desktop in an order that you can remember. You will need to keep the first screen shot you do in a class and the last screen shot done in a class.

step 16. Drag your last screen shot done in a class to your assignment

step 17. Click on “update” to automatically save your file.

step 18. Keep your before & after pictures in google drive. I created a folder called visuals to put them in so if I need to find them again they are always there.

  • As an Artist I wanted to make this picture look more vibrant; change the picture from late summer to early summer because I like vibrant colors.
  • You need to be sure to screen shot entire pic @ end of class so next class you can see what has been done. We only took screen shot of our colors bar so I could not see pic of what I had already changed.
  • I wanted the mountains to be more blue gray. I also wanted the fence and the bridge to be a bright red color.

Connor’s Screen Shots

This week I got to choose any assignment from the DS106 Assignment bank so I chose this assignment. I chose to do pictures of my sisters’ dog Connor. I love all animals but I feel like Connor is a part of my family. He gets to come in the house with us. He gets to stay overnight when he and my sister come for a visit. Connor loves a lot of attention!

My sister got Connor when he was just a tiny little puppy. We instantly fell in love with him, but a puppy can be a lot of work! I play with him, take him for walks, and always have my eye on him as he loves to chew! One time he chewed a toy squirrel and its eye was ripped out, the tail was half off and then he ripped it right in half! At least he ate the toy squirrel and not a real squirrel.

To create this collage I used befunky.com collage and added my pictures from my phone. I chose a layout that I liked. I put my photos into the layout, but I had to click on each photo and edit them as they all appeared upside down.

Get Philosophical

In the story; “Sophie’s World” Sophie has many questions that she can not answer yet. She is still searching for those answers. After watching the video that asks: “Can a computer talk like a human?”


My collage


I like that my sister helped me to do my collage. I picked the pictures I wanted. It was important to me to include my family as they are my best support and help. My pictures show me doing the things I love. I  love archery, animals and the outdoors. My mom and my sister chose the quotes. I think they chose great ones for me.