The Terminal by Andrew Niccol

Viktor waiting patiently.
Mr.Dixion was mean, unkind and not patient with Viktor.
Viktor found a way to survive by collecting quarters from returning the luggage carts.

The movie “The Terminal” written by Andrew Niccol and directed by Steven Spielberg has an overall message that sometimes waiting for things is important and worth the wait. Mr Dixion, Amelia and other characters were not patient at all with waiting. Human nature and most of society are usually in a rush only worried about themselves. Viktor Navorski throughout the movie shows great patience and teaches others that some things are worth the wait no matter how difficult or how much time passes.

Faced with the realization that he was stuck in the airport, Viktor makes the decision to make the best of his situation and constructs a “home” for himself. After establishing some comforts of home Viktor found new ways to survive. He figured  out how to get quarters from the luggage cart machine, these quarters were used to buy food. Viktor also made many friends in the airport, helping  all of them and asking for nothing but kindness in return, Viktor never stole anything even when he was hungry, and he was kind to others even when he was treated badly.

Not everyone at the airport was sympathetic to Viktor’s situation. Mr.Dixon saw Viktor as a nuisance, and impatiently wanted Viktor to leave the airport quickly so he did not interfer with Mr.Dixon’s chances of getting a promotion. Mr.Dixon’s bad treatment of Viktor was the result of  Mr.Dixon being caught in between the system and doing what he knows is right.

Viktor never forgot his purpose for coming to America, nor did he forget where he was from. This purpose gave him the will to be patient and wait. The people around him however refused to be paitient and wait. Viktor’s patience frustrated Mr.Dixon, and Amelia’s reluctance to wait only lead to stress, guilt and an empty life. Viktor was an example of how  to “wait” while going through an injustice that was not of his making.

The movie’s lesson that sometimes you need to wait for something is a very important point we should all remember. In todays society we are often taught quicker is better and many are looking for that instant gradification instead of the satiation of waiting and experiencing all the little things in life along the way. Viktor teaches that patience is virtue, and that kindness goes a long way.


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