Megan’s Art Gallery

In Row 1, I attended 3 different paint nights. I created 3 winter pictures. You have a small group of people and your art instructor tells you what to do and what colours to use. Everyone ends up with a canvas painting that is the same. The class lasted about 3 hours.

In Row 2, I looked at a picture and then created the image on a canvas. First I use a pencil to draw the image and then I use acrylic paints to finish the painting. These pictures I did at my Art class at Outreach School.

The pictures in Row 3 I created by myself. Again I first sketch them and then use acrylic paints to finish them.

Row 4 is my abstract paintings. It’s about using color and creating splatter paintings.

Row 5 starts with my sculptures. I use sculpting clay and created these characters. The clay comes in different colors so I had to think what my character would look like before I began sculpting. The leaf challenged me to create different patterns using the same colors.

Row 6 shows two paintings that I sketched first and then painted. My favorite pictures to draw are dragons.

The 7th row shows my pencil sketches. For the dragon picture I used 2 photos. The head is from a different photo than the body. The racoon and the kitten are from photos too. I pencil sketched the kitten for someone I know as a Christmas gift.

The first picture in Row 8 I won the Global National Award for my First Nations creation. The second painting painting shows my first ever painting I did. The last one was a painting I created for my English class.

Row 9 show 3 paintings I recreated from a small drawing.

The wolf picture in Row 10 I created by myself. I enjoyed doing this night scene. The Lapis Lazuli is my favorite painting of all.




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