Qualities of Friendship

Friends come and go throughout everyone’s life.  I have little friends because I don’t like fake people who act like they care but really don’t. I want a friend that is funny, good listener, and nurturing. Not someone who pretends to be all these things.

Laughter is a big part of my life if there is none in my life and my friend isn’t funny, then why be friends. All my friends are funny and can make me laugh all the time. A lot of people say cringy jokes and think its funny or they’re funny but deep down they just need to stop.

A good listener is the best kind of friend. When you can vent to someone it feels great to get stuff out of your mind that you have been thinking about. Somone who doesn’t listen and just talk about themselves 24/7 is annoying, why be friends with someone who is annoying.

A friend who is nurturing is awesome. Someone who pushes you to do your best and encourages you to do good things is what I need in my life. I sometimes make bad choices and it is nice to have my friends nurturing me.

It’s always about quality, not quantity and with the friends I have they are awesome and all the things I look for in someone. Being funny is the main part of being friends with me cause I love to laugh. A good listener is something everyone needs in their life. Nurturing is what everyone’s friend should be. Friends are hard to find and everyone needs one best friend.




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