Postulates of Faith Discussion

Can something come from nothing? When this something cannot come from nothing, then something must have always existed and cannot have a beginning. God created the world which came from nothing and is now something. Everything that exists was caused to exist, fire causes heat, rain causes crops to grow, your parents caused you. If a lump of clay is sitting on the table in front of you, it’s not going to shape itself into a vase. That’s impossible, and unless you form the clay yourself it’s just going to sit there. So since everything that is created needs a cause, there must be a first, ultimate cause, which we call God.


Does God exist? Everyone can see that motion exists in the world, your eyes are moving across these words right now. Everything that moves is caused to move by something or someone else,  If everything that moves has to be moved by something outside of itself, there has to be a ‘first mover’ that caused motion to exist.


Do humans have immortal souls? For centuries, people have wondered what really happens at death. God made man in his own image, but not of the same substance that he possesses. Our Creator is composed of spirit and is eternal. Humans were made, however, out of the ground or organic substance that constitutes the earth. Adam only became a .living being.


Do humans have free will? The free will issue is especially a tricky question because it represents a collision between two opposing, yet equally valid, perspectives. What is the point of life if we cannot choose our own paths? Yet from a purely scientific perspective, how is it possible that anything can occur without having been caused by something else? If we really can choose, then these choices must be uncaused something that cannot be explained within the model of science that many of us rely on.


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