Chapter 1 The Sound Of The Shell

Chapter 1 The Sound Of The Shell

  1. Describe the setting of the story.

The boys are stuck on a humid island with palm trees and big dark forest. There is ocean surrounded all around them. They have a lagoon. There’s a swimming hole that the water washes away the dirty water whenever high tides come. There is pink granite platform where the boys have there meeting.


  1. What Events led to the boys’ arrival on the island?

There is a war happening which is dangerous for young kids who will one day be the future of the country. They got loaded into a plane during the time there were bombs going off. There was a very big storm happening at the time that had made them crash land and leave a scar in the island they are stuck on now with no parents.


  1. Why couldn’t Jack kill the pig?

Jack couldn’t kill the pig since the piglet is a living creating, he couldn’t bare the thought of the blood and cutting into living flesh that would end up dead. It was only a baby. It would be like one of the boys tangled up in the creepers stuck and screaming for help then getting a sharp blade to the throat to drain all there blood. It is understandable that he could not kill the knife just the thought of the enormity of the knife descending and cutting into living flesh would be hard to do.


  1. Who emerges as leader of the group? Why?

The boy who becomes the leader on the island is Ralph. Ralph is a tall boy with a wrestler body. He has blown a creamy tan color shell that is a conch. Others on the island came which means they listened to him. All the boys have showed up to the meeting and they start discussing who the leader should be. Roger says they should have a vote. The choir boys voted for Jack because jack is there leader. Ralph is holding the conch which symbolizes power. The rest of the boys all voted for Ralph.

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