Millstone For The Sun’s Day and The Lottery

“The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson shares “Millstone For The Sun’s Day” ideals of basing society on traditions that control the population. In “The Lottery”  this traditional lottery is as accepted as if they were “square dances, teen club, or Halloween.” This regularization of an abnormal event, “a lottery”  in both stories shows that these traditions are not always a good event and both Rudy Wiebe and Shirley Jackson are trying to show that in society we have been blinded in our decision to continue in our traditions even if the meaning of them has been forgotten. They ask us to examine our tradition closely to see if anyone is being hurt by what seems normal to the general population

In both stories there is a older character used to represent the good old days and to show that these traditions have lost meaning. Old Man Warner in “The Lottery” has some satire about all the young folks and how foolish they are, even claiming “It’s not the way it used to be.” In “Millstone For The Sun’s Day” Joey overhears a old bearded men complain about how easy the capitulars have made this tradition saying, “aint nothin’ what it usta be.” and “everything’s gone soft.” The old man claims that it has lost its meaning with the new ropes, floating along in boats, and platform contraptions. He deems these things “soft psychology.”

While the older members of these society complain about the old days the lotteries themselves share that they serve as a vessel for a deeper issue. These lotteries both directly and indirectly chose someone for execution. Joey was selected by the lottery to be the executioner in Weibe’s story, while in “The Lottery” Tessie Hutchinson is selected to be stoned to death. Both of these events are to show that even the most innocent communities can be brought to senseless violence simple with a mob mentality. The leaders of these mob mentality are the capitulars in “Millstone For a Sun’s Day” and Mr. Summer in “The Lottery.” Mr Summer has taken the leadership for the lottery, while it is never directly said it is clear he is motivated by envy, “he had no children and his wife was a scold” it is clear that he wouldn’t mind the lottery because he has nothing to lose. The capitulars, though they remain undescribed and mysterious their cult has a very religious tone to it so it is likely that they are not allowed to marry or have kids, making them the perfect candidates for running a system of pointless execution.

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Millstone for a Sun’s Day and Groupthink

Groupthink is when a vast majority of people in society desire conformity among themselves. They are willing to do anything to achieve this uniformity, including irrational or immoral decision making. This psychological phenomenon is evident in Rudy Wiebe’s “Millstone For The Sun’s Day.”


The whole society in “Millstone For The Sun’s Day” appears to be hypnotized by this groupthink proposed by the Capitulars and the lottery. It appears that the Capitulars are the leaders of this cult on this island and everyone has just accepted the traditions and attitudes of the Capitulars. This buy in to the Capitulars ideology is present with the lottery and the holiness that everyone treats “Sun Rock” with, even though it’s just a rock in the ocean. The lottery in this story is where one child is selected to “come for a ride” to the sun rock on the Capitulars fancy yacht. However the actual prize is once they get to the rock, someone is sacrificed by getting thrown off the boat tied to a iron block. While this should be considered murder, in this dystopian society it is considered a tradition, and a honour for Joey.


While most of the adults in this society are under this control a few appear to be defiant of this social construct. However we are given clues in the beginning that his mother knows what is going to be forced upon Joey. She seems hesitant, while Joey is excited for this ride, she tries talking the father out of making him go. She begs her husband “We don’t have to let them,” however the father is fully immersed in the idea of this cult, “His father stood rigid at a blasphemy.” Another character that seems to be free of this groupthink is Miss Grierson. While on the Capitular’s yacht Joey attempts to get her attention  but she avoids him to Joey’s surprise. She is doing this because she knows that she will be the sacrifice for Joey’s “initiation,”  and she does not want to grow close to Joey and make it more difficult.

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My Boyfriend’s Back Assignment

In the song Hey Paula the main stereotype present is letting the man do what he needs while the woman sits by and waits. The line I’ve waited so long for school to be through” exemplifies this stereotype in this song. Another stereotype in that line is men are generally smarter than women, a stereotype we know nowadays is not true. If gender roles were reversed in this song then this song and it was the woman who did all the work and the man was waiting then it would have sounded strange for the time period. However in today’s society more situations of this role reversal are coming up. Women working are much more prevalent today then in the 50’s and 60’s.


“We had a silly quarrel the other day I hope these pretty flowers chase her blues away” This line shows a couple of stereotypes of men. It shows that women’s opinions may be valued less than a man’s so when they fight the man may consider it “silly” because he thinks he is right and she is wrong. Another one is a stereotype that when women have a problem with their man a simple gift like a flower can fix the problem. Even when the problem can only be solved by working it out together the stereotype that men don’t like to show weakness or emotion comes in so they hid behind simple gifts such as flowers. If the gender roles were reversed in this song then it would be a strange concept for a man to stay at home being “blue” while the lady is out buying flowers for him.


“I need you oh how I need you, But all you do is treat me bad” The main stereotype in this song is that women can’t be by themselves. This line reinforces that women need to be with a man to define themselves. They need a man even if he is terrible to her at doesn’t treat her right she should still stay with him or risk being alone. If the roles were reversed then this song would be less about trying to stay together and more about men saying that if she can’t treat you right then leave her.


“If you want him to be

The very heart of you

Makes you want to breathe”

This song really emphasizes the stereotype that a woman needs a man to define herself. It enforces this idea so much that it even says that women should give up something, in this song their pride, just so they can have a man.

If you want him to be
Always by your side
Take his hand tonight

Swallow your foolish pride

If the gender roles were flipped in this song it would mostly be similar. Except in lines about defining yourself by your partner, or swallowing your pride, it may even be about getting a woman who boosts your pride and don’t settle.

“And I pray that someday he’ll love me” This song shows the princess in waiting stereotype. It promotes the idea that women should just wait around and one day their prince will come for them. If the roles were reversed this song would be the complete opposite. It would more likely be about telling men to go find their princess, don’t wait for her to get stolen. Still the same stereotype but from a different perspective.

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Who am I Collage

Part A: About me

My dreams about the future are very general because I don’t have a clear idea of what I want to do but my current goal is to graduate school and go to a university.

My values include respect, fairness and my family. I have many interests, a few are soccer, basketball, volleyball and piano.

Some of my best personal qualities include being funny, smart and friendly. A few of my transferable skills are my ability to work as a part of a team and my problem solving skills.

A couple of directions I would want my career to go is either in the field of science or in psychology..



Part B

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Get Philosophical

The Ship of Theseus Paradox as well as him talking about teleportation relate to the question we get asked early in Sophie’s World. These questions asked in the video may end up being discussed in the novel itself. If not its questions like these that we still need to ask ourselves as philosophers as Sophie’s World’s mysterious writer tells us. For example Sophie gets asked, “Who are you?”. This is like the teleportation concerns. What makes us who we are? Is it our thoughts, ideas, or what we look like that makes us? Or is it something else, something spiritual or philosophical like in Sophie’s World. As we get further and further into the novel I think we will discover the answer to some of the questions alongside Sophie.

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Three Poem Essay


bird 2
Tagul Bird Cloud

In the poem Nine Birds by E.E. Cummings , some lines revealed some interesting ideas. These ideas were in the about character and the mystery of God. These ideas are mainly present in the lines “golden moment” “single mystery” and “wintry twilight”. Many other poems also include these ideas. Three of them are  Lines Written in Early Spring by William Wordsworth, Caged Bird by Maya Angelou and Dreams by Langston Hughes.

The poem that I think connects to the Nine Birds poem the most is Lines Written in Early Spring by William Wordsworth. There are many parts of this poem that are trying to get at the same ideas as Nine Birds. In Nine Birds E.E. Cummings uses birds as a metaphor to souls. He writes “nine souls only alive for a single mystery” this connects with the line from Lines Written in Early Spring “I heard a thousand blended notes” this means that they are all together singing for the same mystery. The single mystery that both William Wordsworth and E.E. Cummings are talking about in their poems is God. He is the world’s single biggest mystery. Another big idea expressed in these poems is character. Character traits in Lines Written in Early Spring are very apparent throughout. The author sends a very caring message, “The periwinkle trailed its wreaths; And ’tis my faith that every flower Enjoys the air it breathes.”. These lines display that it is in his character to be caring and compassionate for every living thing for nature. But at times he also shows some disappointment with humanity, “And much it grieved my heart to think What man has made of man.” He is implying an old saying “ you can’t determine a man’s character by what he does when he knows he is being watch, but by what he does when he is not.”
Another poem that connects well with these ideas is Caged Bird by Maya Angelou. In Nine Birds “a golden moment” is used to introduce the birds. In Caged Bird it introduces the bird by writing “in the orange sun rays and dares to claim the sky.”  But she also writes about a caged bird, “down his narrow cage can seldom see through his bars of rage” this line is very similar to “wintry twilight” in the sense that both describe a dark time, this could be a metaphor for the death of Christ. This poem also speaks about character, the bird in the cage could also reference someone who hasn’t fully understood their character yet, or someone who has not had the opportunity to realize their full potential as a human yet. During Maya Angelou’s time black people had limited rights and could not do much by themselves. This is probably what she was meaning when was writing about the caged bird. The caged bird had no freedom and just sat in its cage tied up like a prisoner. Langston Hughes was also a poet that wrote with the same philosophy.

Langston Hughes often wrote about dreams in his poetry. Dreams by Langston Hughes is a short poem but it does speak a lot about somebody’s character. “Hold fast to dreams” he tells us this because he goes on to say “For if dreams die

Life is a broken-winged bird”. This means that if we don’t have hopes and dreams our characters will be dull. Dreams give our souls something to go after and accomplish. Without these our souls and our characters will not grow because they don’t have dreams of becoming great one day this idea is expressed in this line “For when dreams go Life is a barren field”.  “Life is a barren field

Frozen with snow.” he uses the words frozen and snow to display a sort of death in our soul. Winter is often used as this kind of metaphor, like in the Nine birds poem when E.E Cummings used “wintry twilight” as a metaphor of a time of death or sadness for the birds. Langston Hughes wants us all to achieve all we can be, and fulfill our dreams and feel we have done good things with our life here on earth, so that is the idea he tries to send in his poetry even though his poems are not long he usually makes big statement with it.

Although on a quick glance none of these poems seem similar in any way to Nine Birds. They actually share many big ideas about the mystery God is and character. As well as these poems you may find that lots of other poems share these ideas and concepts.

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Personal Letter 100 year old self

1600 Main Street

Edmonton AB 10293

February 3 2015

Malcolm Sader

P.O. Box 48576

London ON 7P2 X9T


Dear, Malcolm Sader

Hi I am writing to you from way back in 2015. You probably don’t remember this assignment. Maybe your a cyborg by now. For all I know you could be in heaven. But for your life I hope you managed to keep God a key aspect in it, you were relatively successful, and most importantly that you were the best family you could have been.

Congrates on making to 100. To make it to that old no matter what technology or medicine you may have in the future is still an impressive feat. I hope that through all of your life God has been important. Without God in your life it would be impossible to have such a long, happy, and successful life. Keeping your faith in the future must incredibly difficult so I will appreciate the way you handle life to control your faith as well as balance whatever job you did.

Right now I think that a job I could have is a civil engineer. Maybe that happened, but whatever I chose I hope I became reasonably successful at what I did. Hopefully I found the right job, engineer or not that led to a happy life and obviously a good retirement. I have always wanted to travel to France. With that good job you got hopefully that became a reality. Although with a good job it can be difficult to remain a good family person.

Being a great family member is just as important to me as anything else. Hopefully I became a good grandparent as well. Not just a weird old person.  A good father to me is the most important however. I hope you encouraged the kids (however many there are) to follow their dreams. As well as keeping them in line when needed. Poor or not, Christian or not, being  good family is so much more important than anything else.

Overall throughout your century on this planet that you were able to keep your faith, be successful, as well as being a great family member. Again, living to such an extreme age must be hugely amazing, even in the future.With all that time on this earth you must have gained a very good amount of knowledge. I look forward to discovering this things in the near future and in the far future.


Malcolm sader



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Extra Credit Essay

“This is not a whimsical idea, it is a serious plan.” Calvin Klein, New York Magazine. Ready to pass your next expository essay with flying colors? This will aid your rise to the top in the grade hierarchy. Why would you settle with a passing mark, when you can eat with the kings? We do not want to make this sound silly or fanciful, writing well is important and should be a high-priority. In our essay we will examine how to properly organize an essay, write body paragraphs, and coherently write an expository essay.
Organization is key when writing an expository essay. The first paragraph will be the introduction, capturing the reader’s’ attention in this paragraph is essential. The introduction paragraph is the first brick laid down to build the castle, without it being strong you will have no way of ever entering the promise land. To make an introduction engaging you must include: a compelling topic and thesis sentence. The topic sentence is one of the first sentence in an essay, it should briefly explain what the essay is about. Also, at the beginning of each paragraph, except the conclusion, you need to add a topic sentence stating what that particular paragraph is about. Your thesis sentences will be the last sentence in the introduction, it must be a parallel sentence and should explain what each of the body paragraphs will include and which questions each paragraph will answer. Here is an example of an incorrect thesis statement and then the same ideas reworded to make it accurate: “Now I  will examine the way Navorski, Frank and Amelia cope with waiting.I will also analyze what I believe the general message of the film is.” This example is from gevans. The problem with these sentences is that they are not in parallel form. Correctly redone it would read: “I will now examine the way Navorski copes with waiting, how other’s such as Amelia deal with situation in which they need to be patient and analyze the general message of the film”. Next you will need to include the body paragraphs. The body paragraphs are a critical part of the essay. You must have at least 3 body paragraphs in your expository piece. In these three or more paragraphs you must have a supporting idea, and at least three details explaining the facts and your opinion. All of the details must support your thesis.The information must be relevant and accurate. It is also essential to have the some of the 5 golden bricks. The 5 golden bricks consist of an anecdote, facts, quotes, statistics, and detailed descriptions. To end paragraphs, you need more than just to skip a line, you need to use a transition sentence. Transitions are sentences used to connect one idea or paragraph to the next idea. An example of a well written transition is: “Even when Amelia leaves Navorski and tells him to go and complete his destiny, Viktor reacts courteously”. That transition is from jpeterson. This sentence closes the idea of that specific paragraph and then connects it to the next idea. The next example from panderson has no connection to the paragraph that follows it, but it does complete that paragraph, “That’s how love affects Viktor, he would have done anything for her as well”. The first sentence of your concluding paragraph is a re-worded thesis statement. Second you will summarize the entire essay in this paragraph. One of the most important concepts to remember is that you don’t want to introduce any new ideas, and this paragraph will not be very long. Another important concept while writing an essay is to make sure that it the body paragraphs are well written.
In the body paragraphs of an expository essay you must be sure to answer all of the questions, but not by bluntly asking them and then stating the answer right afterwards. Instead you must write your answers in such a way that your reader can figure out what the question was when they finish the paragraph. To answer your questions, write it so that each of your topics are supported by 3-5 clear and detailed pieces of evidence, and always make sure you provide a reason why your evidence supports your subject (example figure 1.1). As you can see, the details provided are all relevant and relate to the topic. The roots of your subject sprout from the sentences inside your essay, so be sure your ideas flow well, and this way, your ideas will be clearly separated and won’t get mixed up or confused. Aside from making sure that your sentences flow, you must keep the main idea of your paragraph clear. Also make sure that you stick to your plan, if you have one (see figure 1.2 as an example of a planning page). When creating your sentences be sure to use the proper words in the right context, this also means not repeating the same words over and over. Try to use your linking lexicon, or personal army of synonyms to do this. This way you can use the most descriptive and accurate words for your piece, as well as keeping your reader interested. When asking rhetorical questions make sure you do not stray off topic and providing anecdote can expand your essay and make it more engaging. Try to restate your main ideas and supporting evidence in different and creative ways throughout your paragraph. Be sure to proofread your body paragraphs and the rest of the essay before submitting it. Plus at the end of your paragraph be try to leave some form of starter for your next paragraph, this will help make your essay flow better.


Figure 1.1

“How ever on the flip side of this, when other characters are put into a scenario where they must wait, the respond with outrage and anguish. For example, the man from Russia with the medications. Without the MPL Dixon cannot let him bring the medications in, but with Navorski having waited in the air port for so long and being as compassionate and patient as he is gives up his chance at new york for the man to take the medications. Will that ever come back to repay Navorski? Probably not. As a matter of fact he may take Navorski’s act of compassion for granted, “If Navorski didn’t tell the man to say goat then he would have been sent home without his fathers medications.”

taken from bhoward

Figure 1.2

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 1.32.52 PM
Another critical component of writing an expository essay is that it needs to be coherent. That means that good transitions are used, repetition is limited, and a variety of sentence structures. Transitions are important because they provide a finishing touch to a paragraph, as well as opening up the main idea of the next paragraph. Transitions are used by the authors to help the reader progress from one idea to another idea. They also show the relationship within a paragraph between the main idea and the support the author gives those ideas. Different transitions serve different purposes. Developments enhance in a logical order and improve the connections between every thought. They indicate relations and patterns, whether within a sentence, paragraph, or paper. They are basically key points that lead the reader through the essay. Transitions are necessary parts of an essay that help to make a clear, organized story and to make it coherent to the audience.Transition is the last sentence in a paragraph leading the reader to what’s up next paragraph. In a movie they switch scene to scene, that is a transition to the next part in the movie. Repetitions are good ways to enforce the subject of your topic, but are commonly misused or even under utilized in most paragraphs. The typical misuse of repetitions are when words like because and other are constantly repeated throughout the essay. Instead of copying the word over and over it’s better for the writer to find alternatives that has the same meaning. Ex) “Also just simply waiting in the airport for the many months he was trapped in airport he waited through it all” from btyner.  Another misapplication of repetition is when they are not used and the reader losses the meaning of the essay. This frequently happens when the essay is long and the writer never relates back to the main idea of their story. Some sentence types work better for getting across specific details. Parallel sentences can be used at the start of paragraphs to introduce the ideas that are in the paragraph. A parallel sentence should be used as the topic sentence to tell the reader what the essay will be all about. An example of a good use of parallelism at the start of essay is, “The Terminal, directed by Steven Spielberg and written by Andrew Niccol makes me consider some of the foundations of human nature, such as waiting, compassion and characteristics of tyrants” from jpeterson. Coherence is as important as introduction and a conclusion.
If your writing skills do not grow and develop then you cannot improve, achieve or be successful. Our essay has shown examples of proper organization of your essay, how to write body paragraphs, and how to write accurately and ways for your essays to flourish. This essay is about writing a successful expository writing piece organization, explicit detail, and transitions are key. “Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” – Benjamin Franklin.


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Thank You Letter


Roger Lee

5865 58th Street

chicago, illinois R1S 3T9

febuary 29 1913

Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones

5467  54th Street

chicago, illinois R1S 3Y8

Dear mrs luella bates washington jones

Hi, this is rodger, u know that kid you caut trying to steal ur your bag all those yers ago. i just wanted to say thank u for do ing that nise thing 4 for me. Since that nite i have been trying to get an edumakation, but skool is relly touf. I am trying herd hard to lern to reed read and rite but i still have an long way to go. I did kern alot from u tho. U taut me that we all make mistakes mistakes but we have 2 kep keep goin. I am now of the strets and in a fostur home. i try and help other kids in the home that had problems like i did. I try to be good like u. I now i still have a long way to go. But i wanna be like u. I wanna be a good people and help out an a cheld kid like u did too me. Maybe one day i will have my own biznes like u. Amyway i just wanted to say thank you. A hugemungus thank you i cant not say it loud enough thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

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Terminal Literary Essay

Dixon tries to show Navorski that he cares for him. Although his sense of compassion is idol and has no meaning.


Andrew Niccol and Steven Spielberg have made a movie that greatly defines what true patience looks like. The Terminal casts Viktor Navorski aka Tom Hanks stuck in an airport to show that waiting is a virtue that  is important but disappearing in our world. In the terminal he is trapped in the will to wait or show compassion is nowhere to be found. Andrew Niccol also portrays Amelia   as an opposing force to Navorski. The Terminal is a movie that is used  to show the flaws in society, like trying to remove waiting from society. Viktor Navorski shows us the value to waiting, patience,  and compassion, although many characters around him represent impatience.

While Viktor Navorski  waiting he is not just sitting doing nothing or he is able to do the right things in the midst of chaos that is the JFK airport, as well as suffering tremendously at the hand of Dixon he makes a few friends along the way. Viktor Navorski is able to stand all the waiting he has to do because he is willing to follow Dixon’s  rules. For example when the guards leave the doorway for five minutes Viktor has a chance to escape, but his willingness to do good even though he thinks he wouldn’t be caught shows us his strong passion to do the right thing. Viktor goes through the “9 circles of Hell” in the terminal. Dixon being the devil for Viktor taking away his freedom, even talking with a fake sense of compassion in the line “I’m sure your family is  fine.” Although Viktor is a good waiter many other characters struggle with the very idea of waiting.  Navorski is always assumed to be a lunatic or liar like when Dixon said “What gulag did he escape from?” Nobody is assuming that he is someone to admire or look up to. Andrew Niccol has given us an example of Ethos in Navorski. Viktor Navorski shows all attributes of an Ethos character, such as pratical skills, wisdom, goodness, and good will towards others. Viktor showed practical skills and wisdom when he figured out the cart return quarter trick. He showed goodness and good will when he lied about the medicine for goat for the Russian man named Milodragovich. Viktor is presented with a chance to finally leave the airport if he would help Dixion get rid of Milodragovich. This is like the German legend of Faust. Faust sold is soul to the devil for power. Just as Viktor had a chance to “sell his soul” by leaving the airport. But like the good man he is, he chooses suffering and sacrifices himself for Milodragovich. In the bible, when Jesus spent forty days in the desert, and just like Faust and Viktor he gets tempted by the devil to give him his soul, but unlike Faust his able to resist.

Although Viktor is patient, Amelia struggles with the idea of just waiting. Amelia Warren is a character that could not be more opposite of Viktor Navorski. She can’t wait for anything or person. She is always in such rush that she doesn’t even slow down to walk around the “wet floor signs”. The only thing she is waiting for is for a phone call from her “mystery man”. Even though her waiting is in vain, it takes a date with Viktor to realize it. Viktor tries to teach her the virtue of patience but she has practiced impatience for so long she can’t go back. Every time Amelia tries to wait she can’t hang on very long. She starts to like Navorski but since he is stuck in the airport she gives up on him and goes back to Max because she can’t wait for him.  She is stubborn enough to not even wait to get to know guys, she just thinks what she wants about them. For example when she see’s Viktor’s pager she thinks he is contractor. Although in the end he may be a contractor, she still is guessing and hoping. By making Amelia the character she is, Andrew Niccol has shown both sides of the choice between waiting and not waiting. Andrew Niccol implemented some aspects of another Greek character Pathos. Pathos is referred to as an emotional and caring character. Amelia may be a little bit too caring and emotional, but she still is a Pathos character. Amelia talks about Napoleon in the film, but she finds herself to be doing exactly what he did. Napoleon thought he was super human so he drank so much poison his body rejects it so he does not die. Amelia does that as well, exempt her poison is the men she goes out with. She always getting paged by somebody. She fills her waiting time chasing the men that pager her.

Andrew Niccol has done a great thing in this film, he has shown us that even though we build society around us to help us to not wait, that sometimes those who choose to wait will be rewarded. In society we shape everything around not waiting. Like in the movie a commercial about a workout machine advertises quicker more effective workouts, meaning  not having to wait to be fit. In society we have even created fast food restaurants, that however unhealthy they are we still use them because we don’t like to wait. They show Viktor Navorski choosing to wait to show us all that in society if we slow down and just wait we will see life in a different way. When Viktor stopped and waited he noticed people who needed help, like the little girl with her favorite Paris bag, nobody goes out of their way  to help. But Mr. Navorski waited and took the time to help her, although it didn’t really go great he still tried to do the right thing. That is a message sent to say that sometimes helping people may not turn out, but it doesn’t mean you are a villain. Jesus came to help us all, but many people still rejected him and he got executed for trying to save us. Viktor Navorski is trying to help everyone else in the film. When he sacrifices himself to save the Russian it was clear what Andrew Niccol’s message was. Andrew Niccol is not trying to convert all of us into Christians into this film, he is trying to get us to realize that every act of goodness no matter how small is ever wasted.

Andrew Niccol and Steven Spielberg crafted a humorous movie with many messages to be discovered with an insightful mind.Viktor Navorski’s virtues of waiting, compassion, and patience shows us the value to those virtues.. However, Amelia Warren represents such impatience, she can’t wait for anything or anyone. The Terminal portrays all aspects of our life, the patient ones like Navorski, the impatient ones like Amelia. But like in our society the ones who wait are treated like lunatics or liars because it is so rare now. But really Vkitor is more of a “lord” because he is compassionate and patient. Andrew Niccol made the Terminal to show us in a way that is entertaining that in society those who wait will have better rewards like friendship if they choose to wait and show compassion.


Navorski gives a gift to Dixon to show his forgiveness and compassion even though Dixon does not deserve it.


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