Wordle Short Story

There were sirens blaring down the street awaking most of the people in the houses near by. The Santa Barbara Police Department had received an 11 o’clock call on a dark, eerie street known as Jeremy Armstrong. Eliana, who had only just turned 15 peered up as the three police cars arrived at the location. Two men in black suits scurried out of the first car blinking red and blue lights. They rushed over to the crime scene where they saw the tiny girl cradling a man near 20 years old. The two men grabbed Eliana by her shoulders and pulled her away from the limp body.

“No, you can’t, come back John! Come back!” She screamed at the top of her lungs as streams of tears ran down her bright red cheeks. An older police woman quickly rushed over to her to hug her, let her lean on someone as she wept. It was clear, it was a murder scene. A young detective with short blonde hair and ice blue eyes was astonished as he turned to his partner, Jacob Lasseter.

“Lasseter, this is abnormal. John Doe looks completely innocent, why would any one want to hurt him?”

“Barnes, not everyone wants to hurt a specific someone. I believe someone is very angry with themselves and we need to find them, and help  them. Now.” Lasseter replied quickly. He ran his fingers through his dark brown hair and closed his chestnut coloured eyes. He was contemplating how he was going to solve this homocide as fast as he can. While policemen were taking forensic pictures, Barnes called the morgue and Lasseter talked to the SBPD’s chief about what they were going to do with little girl who was still too upset to talk to. As it was nearing 12:30 the John Doe was gone and the girl was in the back of a police car cuddled into a red cotton blanket with the occasional tear trickling down her cheek.

By 7am the next morning Detective Lassester and Barnes had figured out Eliana’s name and age. As well  that her brother, Johnathon Montgomery was her older sibling  that was walking her home from her friends birthday. Eliana had explained to them that she heard a gun shot and they started to run.

“Just as we were about to turn the corner,” Eliana sobbed “I heard a second shot and something just didn’t feel right. I glanced behind me, and at eye level a man in a very baggy sweaters was running the opposite direction. Then, I looked down and…and,” the 15 year old stuttered she never finished her sentence, but everyone knew how it ended. After a couple of minutes Eliana whispered lightly to Lasseter “His hair was dark, and shaggy it looked as though he hadn’t showered in days. He wore big black cargo pants as well.” Detective Barnes thought to himself, this is going to be nearly impossible. There could be thousands of guys like that in Santa Barbara! At least detective Lasseter knew where to start, with the people in the neighborhood.

Detective Lasseter, Detective Barnes, and Eliana made their way around the small neighborhood asking the same questions: have you seen a man that fits this description? Did you witness anything on July 6th? To their surprise no had seen the man, all they knew was the screeching sound of police cars and the ear ringing gun shots. by the end of the street Lasseter and Eliana were running out of hope but Barnes wanted to try one more house.

They strolled up to the quant yellow house and hit the door with three, loud knocks. Not a second later a short, stout lady with light gray tousled hair swung open the vintage wooden door. The aroma of fresh baked apple pie and cinnamon circled theirs noses. A slow smile grew across her face from ear to ear “How may I help you youngsters?” she proclaimed without letting her vivid smile fail.

Barnes gave Lasseter a questioning glare and piped up. “Ma’am, we’re looking for a young man last seen in dark, baggy clothing. We believe that he has very shaggy dark brown hair. I guess you could describe him as… unkempt maybe.”

It felt like 5 minutes until the old plump lady responded. “Please, do come in. Would you like a cookie? There should be open chairs in the living area. Bryan! Bryan please, come upstairs to see me.” It was nearly unbelievable how fast this little round elder was scooting around and rambling. The eyes of the detectives and the girl followed the lady closely. Until their eyes were directed to the old wooden staircase. A shady figure sauntered up through the door way. Eliana fell back into the couch was her tear ducts filled with water. This was him. The man that murdered her favourite older brother. It was clear her heart had sunk that instant.

Lasseter rose to the ground and pulled out a pair of shining bray handcuffs. “Sir, i’m sorry but you will need to come back with us to the Santa Barbara Police Station with us.” The old lady’s smiled solemnly disappeared. Lasseter approached the 5’8″ man. Barnes proclaimed the remainder rights and they took him to the navy blue car with the red light placed on top. The detectives had called for back-up and others to come with a search warrant and drove down the black asphalt road.

The door to the metal walled room swung open to reveal Lasseter. He sat down across the silver table and glared at him. “It’s simple, I ask you questions and you respond. Don’t make this hard. And please, do not lie.” You could feel the tension in the dark room. Bryan James sat there in the hard seated chair averting his eyes from the hard gaze. “What happened? Your silence is nearly a give away from me and my colleagues.”

Bryan started to straighten in his chair, his faded red lips quivered as a somber tear streaked down his face. “I feel lost you know. I’m a 26 year old man who doesn’t know what his life is turning into. I know you believe my mom is a well kept lady that has done great things but when her and my father divorced 14 years ago, it turned to hell. She is crazy, full out psychotic. I.. I didnt have anyone to turn to for all these years. I don’t know what happened. I’m sorry.”Behind the one way window Detective Barnes and the chief of the SBPD jaws dropped. His confession was clear, and real. Two bulky men dressed in navy blue suits with yellow stripes strolled through the large, heavy door. They picked up the man whose muscles were nearly limp.

Lasseter followed them close behind leaving the investigation room. Barnes approached Lasseter “I really believe that all of us have a lot of darkness in our souls. Anger, rage, fear, sadness. I don’t think that’s only reserved for people who have horrible upbringings. I think it really exists and is part of the human condition. I think in the course of your life you figure out ways to deal with that. It’s a quote. A famous one. I believe that it applies to our situation Lasseter.

Three weeks later Bryan James was placed comfortably in the state prison. His mother was in a psychiatric ward and they were allowed to visit once a week. And Eliana well, she had her life together, in a safe environment and family. The End.

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