Terminal Essay

Terminal: a  place where air travellers or air freight can wait for a flight. Director, Steven Spielberg and the story writer, Andrew Niccol have worked hard to provide us with the importance of waiting and being patient with ourselves and others. We wait for everything, our school bus, sports practice and sometimes our parents, friends, and other people around us. Mr. Viktor Navorski has does a lot of waiting throughout his time at JFK airport in New York City. How does he cope with Amelia being gone for so long, waiting until he can get the last jazz musician signature that his late father longed for. Why is Amelia always awaiting her silver-back male and expecting to  love him although he has a wife. How is she dealing with it herself. There are many different messages that the filmmaker could be trying to show us about our society and human nature by examining the concept of waiting

Navorski is a very modest man when it comes to waiting and being patient with the people around him, like Frank Dixon and Amelia Warren. Andrew Niccol had a very simple concept for this character. Navorski was going to be kind, loyal, and compassionate. His character was to have a quite, calm demeanour towards the people surrounding, like Dixon, Thurman, and Amelia, meaning he wasn’t going to be easily discombobulated. Tom Hanks did a fantastic job persevering the concept of this loveable character who is rarely cross. In a synonymous momentto when he endeavors to help a young, agitated girl with her suitcase. Navorski is faced with many difficulties, problems, and responsibilities where he has to make vast decisions. Like when he is given the option of leaving the airport or staying right where he is for who knows how long. Mr. Navorski certainly knows that during these times it is best to wait for the outcome, which could either be a negative or positive experience. He finds that the best way to confront all of the difficult times of waiting is to see what happens next and not to rush things too quickly where it may become a bit disheveled. I find a great example of this when Navorski is assisting a man by being a language interpreter. The Russian can not pass through the J.F.K airport without a Medical Purchase License (MPL) so he can’t get his fathers medicine to him. Viktor gradually steps in and translates the Russians muddled words into a simple statement.. “The medicine is for goat.” This averment is very ironic. In God’s house we relate to the sheep as our lord Jesus Christ and a goat symbolizes the devil. Lying is contemplated as a sin and sin is associated with the devil. It comes to conclusion that Navorski tells this very risky lie because he feels bad for the Russian man and he knows what it feels to not be able to go home. Coping with waiting is just another walk in the park for Viktor Navorski. Everyone should take a small life lesson from Navorski and take one more step up to be a little more patient with the things around us.

Amelia Warren always compares herself to Napoleon Bonaparte for a few reasons.  Napoleon’s story conveys that to kill him he needs poison, but Napoleon takes too much poison so he can’t die. Amelia’s lifestyle is nearly the same as Napoleon’s although her poison is men. She believes that the men in her world should only focus on her and  when they don’t have time for her she can not wait for them until they do. Amelia is impatient, anxious to get to the point, like Napoleon, who seems to not be able to wait for his battles to begin.  Napoleon once said “There are only two things that unite men- fear and interest.” It clearly shows that Amelia is scared, part of the fear. She states that she is scared to love a man because they are all the same, rude and heartless. When Navorski would wait to see the outcome, Amelia has a totally opposite approach. In the movie, she is always rushing around and she deceitfully pauses to talk anyone who passes by, including Navorski. Andrew Niccol preserves in showing us the difference of how all of his characters wait in this thought changing movie where you can relate back to yourself. Dixon is classified as a veritable person in the large airport. He is the best at his job as a director of customs and border protection. Albeit his job requires him to do a lot of waiting he isn’t very good at it. He is somewhat impetuous and very eager to finish his job whether it may be the best for him or the people he is trying to protect. In Navorski’s case Dixon does what is best for him and waits until Navorski leaves the airport with a little help from himself. It is clear to say that Dixon and Warren have similar characteristics; they care for themselves and the impact the people around them will have on their life. They simply cannot wait for others because that just would not work for them.

Andrew Niccol, along with Steven Spielberg, have obliged us to acknowledge that everyone in this world is different and we are our own people. We all have different ways of waiting whether we act like Navorski, Dixon or Warren. In the society we live in today we athwart many different people who deal with waiting in multiple, contrasting perspectives. There are many people who believe the only way with dealing with waiting is to get angry, flustered and even a little irritable. The other people on this planet will have comparable aspects to those of Navorski’s. Being patient and relying on the outcome can be crucial frequently. What the film-makers are attempting to comply to the public is that no matter where you are or what you are doing your are always going to have face the factor of waiting. If you are not one of those people who will wait for the concluding consequences, there would have been numerous of opportunities that you were inclined to experience. It is essential to recall what may c0me your  way if you only wait.

Everyone is going to be faced with waiting and they are always going to deal with it in diverse ways. Navorski, Dixon, and Warren most certainly dealt with waiting in there own unique ways because we are all extraordinary in everything we do. Viktor Navorski is a calm, patient man who will wait and respect others until there is nothing else there is to do in a situation. Amelia Warren and Frank Dixon do what is best for them and they nearly exact opposite of Navorski.

“And sure enough the waiting will end… If you can just wait long enough.”-William Faulkner

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  1. Morgan is really liked the way you put different words in your essay. They put a different tone to it. One thing that you could do is look over it and make all of you space the same, and find some different word for WAITING.

  2. Morgan great job! You have a great variety of vocabulary. I love the pictures you have entered into your post they relate to your topic that you chose very well. Maybe try making some of your continuous sentences a parallel sentence as it would make your essay one notch better. You have a great flow and I think its incredible how you added a quote about waiting at the end of the essay very appropriate and unique. Well done Morgan that was an incredible literacy essay.

  3. I really enjoyed your bells and whistles Morgan. My favorite word that you used was discombobulated. You show the picture of Viktor standing in front of the mirror to try on the suit. Perhaps create a little more meaning to the picture by describing this scene in your story. Overall it was great, keep it up!

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