Personal Letter- To myself in 20 years

Morgan Elliott

161 Lexington Ave

Ratchetroplis, Promiseland

T4C 3O3


Dear Morgan,

When I think about adulthood the things that immediately come to mind are  my schooling and academics, travelling to my dream destinations, and all of my hopes and goals. I find it salient to be reminded of these things every single day because they are things that define me and who I am. Not saying that I always want to be the same but I want to have the same human nature as you did when you were 14 and writing this letter to when you are reading it when you are 34.

Right now, writing to myself in 20 years, academically I am striving to do something with my life. I plan on getting a doctorate in Veterinarian Medicine and persevere that career. At 14 my thoughts of what I am going to do with my life after high school are somewhat focused around animals. If I can’t get in to Vet school, my immediate second choice is a Vet assistant, and a coming in a close third, a Vet Technician. A nursing scholarship 2019 sounds good too. I hope that I can manage to pull my grades up enough that getting into a good post-secondary course in mere. By doing my research the Veterinarian course will take up to 6 years of schooling. So if you did end up going to vet school I really, severely stress my thought of you being graduated and hopefully a good, solid job somewhere you love, working around people who you like to be surrounded by. Right now in grade 9, I am striving for high 80’s in all classes, especially science. Can you recall what your marks were like in high school? My marks are important to me and even though Mr. Macmillan always reminds us that these little numbers on a piece of paper does not define us, I still believe they do. With good marks I can get into many post-secondary programs that interest me. Clearly, my success in life is important to me know and I hope that hit is to you now as well.

Travelling has always been an interest to 14 year old me. Is it to you now? I have always wanted to go to Spain, Australia, South Africa, South America, and Britain. Have you made to any of these destinations? If so what were they like? As of February 2015 it came to mind that I should look into dual citizenship for Britain/Canada. With more research I do believe that I could become a great applicant due to Granny Annie and my ties to the country. I would not mind living there and possibly go to school there. Due to the fact that I do have family there I am almost positive that I would always have a warm place to stay and people that I know and love. The United Kingdom has always meant something to me yet I can’t figure it why. I have only talked to the cousins in England a handful of times but I feel like I have talked to them everyday for the past 4 years. Do these family members and this country mean something to you? Another country I would like to work/live in is Spain. This specific country, to me, has a very distinct way of life than to what I have ever seen. I think an important aspect of life is to experience as many cultures as possible and I hope that it still is to you know as an adult. The big cities and of course, the tourist attractions, have always reminded me that these are the places I want to go when I am older. Have you even been to one of the seven wonders of the world yet? Like they say in the Anchorman with Will Farrell “You stay classy San Diego.”

Okay, as of this moment, in grade 9, 2015, I still can not cook. The only meals that I can cook is tacos, spaghetti and cereal. Not even pancakes. I am pretty sure to everyone on this planet will agree that cooking is a staple of life, yet I can not cook! I hope that one day I can make Chicken Cordon Bleu and maybe even Chicken Philadelphia, yum! When I am older I hope that I have my passed my level one dressage test and get to jump maybe 1 meter with a horse that I love and has become my best friend. I hope that I have trained at least one horse by the time I am your age! Tell me, have you done any of these yet? I want to make sure that I take my life in the right direction and don’t end up in a refrigerator box. That would not be the right direction. As for my quality life and standard of living I hope that I do great. I believe that in order to make my quality of life and effort mark of 1. I pray that I will help out at the homeless shelter and give to Santa’s Anonymous each year because I believe that I do take my life for granted and I need to give back. My main wish is for myself while reading this letter has the same morals as 14 year old me has. Everything in this world has a purpose and that is important to keep in mind while living such a grateful life. No matter what situation you are in while reading this, remember, people love you and whatever the problem is, you can get through this. Everyone has holes inside of them..(please report to Holes by passenger) Don’t forget your goals in life and never give up on something you can’t go a day without thinking about.

Whether it is school and my academics, travelling and all of my life goals it is important to me to remember all of my hopes and dreams as a younger girl. Everyone and everything is just as important to me as they were 20 years ago.


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