Who Am I?

A: About me

For now, I dream that I am successful in whatever I do. I hope to have a career that involves animals, farming and owning and running my own business. I hope to take the agribusiness course in post-secondary school and transfer it back to my own farm. I value respect, honesty, trust, and humor. I find it important that people are trustful and that I can rely on them to keep my secrets and be honest with me when they think I am out of line or doing something I should not.  In my spare time I love riding my horse, painting and crafts, and doing photography. Although painting and crafts is a newer hobby to be, I have always enjoyed photography and hope to take courses in it one day. I have been riding horses for as long as I can remember. When I was little we used to only go on trail rides and cattle drives. Now, I am in my third year of equine 4-H and I have started showing more and, taking lessons, and doing clinics that allow me and my horse to succeed in our journey to become great. I am very persistent and very determined. If you ask my parents, they would describe me as headstrong, yet delightful. I am very good at written and oral communication skills. I have gained this skill through 4-H. When pointed in the right direction I can be good at planning and keeping things organized.

B: Collage


C: Reflection Questions

What do you like about your collage? 

I like that my collage is pictures that either I or someone I know has taken of me and things that I value. I like that it involves my family, my animals, and the life we live.

What do you not like about your collage?

I don’t like that I didn’t put all of the pictures I have taken on here. I wish I could have put more photos on but I couldn’t find a way to make a collage that I found that looked nice.

What sections do you want feedback on?

I would like feedback on whether or not my photos actually reflect me. I know they are photos on how I see myself but are they also photos on how other people see me?

What values are represented in your collage?

My values of being with my horses, on the farm, eating a real good chicken barbecue pizza from Fairmont Pizza, and spending times with my friends and family.

What bias is represented in your collage?

A bias that horses, farming, and crafts is the best way to spend your time.

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