Fr Joy’s first visit

Date:  September 26, 2019

Today was Fr Joy’s first-ever visit. We learned that Fr. Joy moved from Kerala and that it was very hot there.  Kerala had certain times that it was rainy, and the rest of the time was sunny and hot.  In Kerala, there were certain times that there would be rain, and there wasn’t just a little drizzle like us in Canada get, it was pouring from the rain clouds.

Location of Kerala

Fr. Joy worked at St. Trissah and St. Thomas in Edmonton before he moved to work in vermilion.  we also learned that his sister moved out at 18 to learn about pediatrics, and is a pediatrician in India still. He said that his sister has inspired him to become a priest.

Motivations (Survey)

Some things motivate us and some things don’t. Everyone is different. Some people live off of negative experiences and that doesn’t motivate us to do positive. Some people live off of positive experiences and that motivates us to do positive things. See what I’m getting at?

Support is to be loved and to love. To be happy and encouraged. When you are incouraged then you are to work better and be happier. Support can be when you are allowed to speak your mind, or for someone to pay for somthing you enjoy to do.

Achievements are what we have successfully done. Achievements may include accomplishing your goals in life, dance, or school. Achievements are easier to succeed when you are going through support.

Support is always amazing and achievements are easier to succeed when you are being supported.  Support and Achievements are my favorite types of motivation.

Knowledge (Survey)


Everyone specializes in a specific subject, activity. Everyone is different and will have a different favorite subject, so don’t expect to like the same things as your friends (something I learned the hard way). For example, my favorite subjects are creative arts and physical education, but others may have Computers and English.

When people enjoy creative arts that usually means that they are a very creative person, with a big imagination. When they are given a chance to be creative they let there mind go wild. Some people who enjoy creative arts maybe artist, photographers, but also dancers, figure skaters, are also creative. They have to be able to visualize there choreography to do it to the best of there advantage. Certain dances need to have creative imaginations to show more emotion.

Physical Education is like a gym or a physed. It is physical activity, working hard to keed your heart beating and your body moving. Some examples of this are like speedball, volleyball, basketball, hockey, but also things that include creative arts such as figure skating, and dance.

In total my favorite knowledgeable subjects are Physical Education and Creative Arts. Both subjects can come hand in hand, and I most often enjoy when they do!

The Ten Commandments

  1. You shall not have any Gods before me
  • You shall honor me as your number one God

2. You shall not use the Lord’s name in vain

  • You will speak only good with the lord’s name 

3. Remember the sabbath day and keep it holy.

  • you shall not work on the Sundays

4. Honor your father and mother

  • you shall not be disrespectful to your father and mother

5. You shall not kill

  • You shall preserve life

6. You shall not commit adultery

  • You shall do child things when you are a child, and do adult things when you are an adult.

7. You shall not steal

  • You shall honor only what is yours

8. You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor

  • You shall only tell the truth

9. You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife

  • you shall love your love

10. You shall not covet your neighbor’s goods

  • you shall love only your goods

Interests (Survey)

On myBlueprint I did a survey that told me what my interests were, I was told that I am, 67%  artistic and 75% realistic.  I am a dancer, which means I dance 6/7 days of the week. During any spare time, I perfect any 12 of my dances, (including solos).  I recently broke my ankle, which has put my behind in points, I constantly try to push my ankle and prepare for pointe shoes. In order to get pointes, I have to think realistically and work at it every day. I need to artistically be prefarted to use my art expertise to work on the steps to any dance but also so make any choreography my own.

The 10th Commandment

The poor in spirit can lack many different things, happiness, gratefulness, kindness. That’s when people with great desires come help, or should anyway. They can come to help lift spirits and have great desires to make others feel better. Examples of this could be, helping clean up a mess, helping study for a test, share a joke. but every happy spirit-lifting desire counts.


Personality (Survey)

Different people have different personality’s. When you complete the survey ‘personality’ you find out what personality you have, and what figures shape that personality. According to the personality survey, I am ‘ENTJ Fieldmarshal’ my information gathering and the way I prefer to prosses information is called, iNtuiting. Which means I tend to make connections through what I’m learning to things I already know. My energy is Extroverted, I am comfortable in large groups, and am a very social person. My desition making is Thinking, I focus on the final product. My lifestyle and structure are Judging, I am organized thoughtful and fair, and I seek closure to tasks.

Who Am I? Learning styles (Survey)

I am 39% a Kinesthetic learner. Meaning that I learn through hands-on experiences. Such as writing the same thing I want to memorize over and over again. I do tend to physically memorize things (such as sorting and organizing cue cards) the best.

Also being 32% an auditory learner, I can read out loud the same sentence, word, paragraph, over and over again to memorize it. I may also listen to someone read and explain the desired thing I want to remember or study, but I learn better during a hands-on activity.

Personally, the way I learn the worst is through visualization as I am only 29%. A visual learner can learn by watching and only needs to see things to remember and learn them. I am not a visual learner meaning I don’t fully take in the things when I am only looking, seeing, and watching. Instead, I learn better when I am doing a hands-on activity.