Who Am I? Learning styles (Survey)

I am 39% a Kinesthetic learner. Meaning that I learn through hands-on experiences. Such as writing the same thing I want to memorize over and over again. I do tend to physically memorize things (such as sorting and organizing cue cards) the best.

Also being 32% an auditory learner, I can read out loud the same sentence, word, paragraph, over and over again to memorize it. I may also listen to someone read and explain the desired thing I want to remember or study, but I learn better during a hands-on activity.

Personally, the way I learn the worst is through visualization as I am only 29%. A visual learner can learn by watching and only needs to see things to remember and learn them. I am not a visual learner meaning I don’t fully take in the things when I am only looking, seeing, and watching. Instead, I learn better when I am doing a hands-on activity.

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