Knowledge (Survey)


Everyone specializes in a specific subject, activity. Everyone is different and will have a different favorite subject, so don’t expect to like the same things as your friends (something I learned the hard way). For example, my favorite subjects are creative arts and physical education, but others may have Computers and English.

When people enjoy creative arts that usually means that they are a very creative person, with a big imagination. When they are given a chance to be creative they let there mind go wild. Some people who enjoy creative arts maybe artist, photographers, but also dancers, figure skaters, are also creative. They have to be able to visualize there choreography to do it to the best of there advantage. Certain dances need to have creative imaginations to show more emotion.

Physical Education is like a gym or a physed. It is physical activity, working hard to keed your heart beating and your body moving. Some examples of this are like speedball, volleyball, basketball, hockey, but also things that include creative arts such as figure skating, and dance.

In total my favorite knowledgeable subjects are Physical Education and Creative Arts. Both subjects can come hand in hand, and I most often enjoy when they do!

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