The awful burden of the unsolved riddles of existence

We don’t always take the time out to question the things we don’t often know. Instead, we accept the fact that we don’t know about such things and leave it at that. Fr. Mike has reminded us that we should question everything with a caveat. To use our curiosity and questions to find the truth. When we decided to not question things then we are left with thoughts questions, and then more questions on top of that and it boggles your brain. In the end, we are just confused. 

If prunes are dried plums, where does prune juice come from? I think that prune juice should be called plum juice, considering prunes are made from plums. According to, there is already a difference between plum juice and prune juice, and that is the way they are juiced. Prune juice is made from dried plums, and plum juice is made from fresh whole plums. But they are both created from the same ingredients, so shouldn’t they both have the same name?

 Which one came first, the chicken or the egg? This one has boggled my mind for such a long time and continues to, the chicken comes from the egg, so, therefore, the egg has to come first. But then what chicken laid the egg? At the very beginning there needs to have been a chicken to lay the very first egg but yet, the very first chicken didn’t come until the egg hatched. Which leaves with only one possible answer, God created the very first chicken/egg. Which one came first, the chicken or the egg? Which one did God create first? This may be one I never have an answer for. 

If Winnie the pooh was civilized enough to put his honey in jars why does he eat it off his hands? Did he always take the jar with him to the bees nest to put the honey in, and didn’t he need a spoon to put it in the jar? When you see the other animals on Winnie the pooh with spoons and forks and plates, does that make pooh bear lazily because he eats with his hands? If so, then why is it a children’s book, or movie? By making Winnie the pooh too lazy to go get a spoon to eat his honey, this would encourage lazy behavior from children.

The human existence has many questions and we should choose to use our curiosity to find the answer rather than accept the fact that we don’t know. Even if it is mind-boggling, we should always choose curiosity.

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