Teleportation is used can be used as a study, art or just for personal use.  However you choose to use it, is up to you. It will help decrease global warming and improve the technology of security, but it can also take you to your most desired places on earth.

Teleportation can help with global warming, and help decrease the amount of air pollution that is used. When you think about it, teleportation can stop the use of vehicles. Lots of us rely on our vehicles to transport us to and from our desired destinations, vacations, work, school, sports, friends. If teleportation existed it wouldn’t be as essential to use vehicles to get us to our destinations, instead, we would just simply wish ourselves there, and tada. This, of course, may result in a change of the price of vehicles and the number being sold. If fewer and less vehicles are being sold then more mechanics may start to be laid off or fired.  The uses of teleportation will have a great impact on the environment but maybe not the jobs of mechanics and engineers.

Of course, security measures will need to be put in place in order to ensure human safety. therefore the jobs that mechanics and engineers lost they may end up working in a security facility. Security would have to include a way to ensure that people we don’t wish to be in our homes to stay out but allow the people we choose to let in our homes come. of course, I think that teleportation could be a bit dangerous in ways as it would make it easier for a criminal to break into your house the amount of crime I believe would go up and it may become harder for the police to enforce the law. Therefor security measures would need to be set in place before I would start to use teleportation.

After of course the issues with the environment and security were fulfilled I may start using teleportation to transport my self to dance, school, or even to travel the world. The first place I would probably want to see would be the ‘Royal Ballet’ school in London which is one of the most famous ballet schools for professional ballerinas in history. After I may just go to Mexico, and swim in the warm waters. I may decide to visit ‘Dance Company’ in Vancouver.

Whenever teleportation is invented I feel it will have an impact on the environment as well as the technology of security. Many people will find it handy and I’m sure I will to.

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