Time Travel

Time travel could make or break your spirit therefore I believe there should be an age limit on the dates that you choose to travel to.  There also should be certain rules on the use of time travel, before you travel. Even though I believe that this should occur. I believe that time travel would improve many social and history marks, as well as other things.

Time travel could improve your personality, or make you completely lose hope. when you look into the future you could see negative things. Maybe you end up in jail or getting murdered by your BFF (hey it could happen). You could see how think might make you paranoid or loose your spirit. This is why i think that traveling to the furture should be limited. to make the most of our lives instead of spending it paranoid because of something we saw in the future.  By liniting the use of time travel or the age we may be able to prevent something like this from happening.

we have limitations and rules on everthing we do. i think that there should also be limitations and rules. This should include tampering with the future and the past. If a younge child chose to help the natzis win the war by telling them how the germany broke enigma, it could destroy the world. This is why I think that there should be rules used for time travel.

Even though time travel could be risky bisnuss it could also help socail and history teachers. students don’t always understand the topics and materials, therefor the teacher could take them to visit the historical even, unless it was a harsh and violent time.

time travel can be riskey in terms of war and murder, and I beleve that there should be rules with it but it also can have benigits as well.

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