Hero’s Journey

Multiple books have a sequence of events that the hero follows throughout the book. these events are what makes the book, and is based on a sequence.

‘Call to duty’ is the first part of the sequence where the hero or the protagonist is found in a situation that needs to be helped. this situation is usually an abnormal event. ‘Refusal of the call’ the hero/ protagonist runs from the assignment. ‘Crossing of the threshold’ is when the protagonist/hero accepts the call (this is usually when the protagonist meets a mentor). ‘Tests Allies and Enemies’ these are the tests and obstacles that the hero/ protagonist will have to get through. these are the challenges that help shape the story. ‘The Ordeal’ is in most cases the hardest challenge that the protagonist will face. ‘Supreme Ordeal’ the biggest, most intense challenge that the story was slowly building up to. ‘Reward and Journey Home’ if and after the hero has completed and survived the challenges the hero will get a reward, and travel home. This is the last part of the sequence.

One book that I have read that is an example of the hero sequence is Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling. Harry is the survivor of Lord Voldemort, after multiple encounters with Voldemort, he has the biggest most intense fight. He receives the reward that nobody has to hide in fear of Voldemort or his clan. those were only a few examples of the hero sequence, the sequence goes through seven books of the series.

another good example of the hero sequence is one that many people aren’t familiar with, this is called Bella rebellious by Rachel Hawkins. when she meets a janitor that is fighting one of the teachers to death in the bathroom, she is subjected to protect her worst enemy, after the refusal to the call, miraculous things happen and a mentor comes to help her. she helps to save the person she is entitled to save and encounters many challenges she has to overcome.

Dream House

I only have ever thought about a dream house a couple times but to be honest I don’t remember what I planed it as. If I was looking into a new house I would most definitely have to consider the most important things: location, space, and features.

The house I would buy would always have to be relevantly close to family, friends, work, and dance. I may or may not still dance by the time I decide to buy a house, but as of right now a home closer to town would be very useful.

I am very particular when it comes to color schemes.  I like modern colors, but not too noticeable. When you hardly notice the walls space feels so much bigger. If I was to be inside my own house I know I would be overwhelmed and claustrophobic if the space was small. As of right now, I have a very large house with lots of space, so if I was to go without this my life would probably fall apart!

The color will have a lot to do with the space of a room. The other thing that has a big effect is the actual size of space. My house would be big, as I already said, and have a lot of rooms. My current kitchen I very big, with a huge island.  so I would probably look for the same features.

My dream house would be big, very big, and has most of the features my current house has. The location would have to be well thought out,  and the color scheme would be well picked.

The Car of Your Dreams

So many people talk about the vehicle that they one day want. I don’t say that I don’t talk about getting a vehicle all I am saying is that I’m not picky on the vehicle I may get.

Yes, I’m 14 years old, no I don’t have one but I also don’t see any reason to think about getting a vehicle at this age. I cannot drive without a person 18+ that is a GDL.  As a dancer, I travel all over the country for competitions and it is a lot of responsibility I cannot drive on my own therefore I don’t think it is necessary that I get my own vehicle at this age.

This assignment isn’t on whether I think that it is necessary to have a vehicle at this age instead it is about the vehicle I supposedly dream about. I guess I would definitely be a chevy, I have no idea what color nor do I know anything about engines. Most definitely would it be a truck rather than a car because I live in the county and rarely get my road plowed.

I also would never get an already used vehicle because that’s disgusting. people have no idea who has been inside that vehicle or what has been done to that vehicle. By the time you get any vehicle that is already used its probably been trashed, and cleaned up only to make it look presentable. If you had any idea what was in that vehicle you probably wouldn’t even want to touch it.

To be honest, I’ve never thought about the vehicle I may someday get, and I know nothing about vehicles. I think I’ve made it very clear I don’t think that I should ve worried about any of this yet. But I guess if I did get a vehicle it would be a chevy truck.

Rosiness or gloomy Grey

The sun shines and warms and lights us and we have a curiosity to know why this is so: but we ask the reason of all evil, of pain and hunger, and mosquitos, and silly people. -Ralph Waldo Emerson

The sun will heat the earth and keeps us alive. Why is this so? We have just ended up being entitled to the warmth. ”We have a curiosity to know why” just as we have a curiosity to know many other things about the world. As humans, we have a tendency to question things we don’t know ”evil, of pain and hunger, and mosquitos and silly people”. There are so many things on the earth that we don’t know.  Always choose to question them so we may learn the ways of ourselves. when we question it we will one-day grow up to be wise because we have questioned our ways.


Identify a good read

When identifying a good read there are questions that you need to ask. Did you have questions about the read after? Did you fully understand what you read? Was the text hard to understand? Did it stay on topic? Were there too many details? Were there enough details? These are all questions that you should ask after reading anything.
I enjoyed reading the long read ‘Whole 60’ by Laura Lippman at the beginning she is talking about the books she would read at the library because she was too embarrassed by these particular ones to bring home. Being in a family of skinny people she was very self-conscious of herself and thinks of herself as fat, and much bigger than her family. She gets into dieting and possibly stops eating once and a while. She eventually was able to lose most of the weight and had a kid of her own. She lost more weight and tried to convince her daughter that women should eat what they want and not worry about what men think about them. Sad that it took her 50 years to figure that out she never said the word diet in front of her daughter. the main part of the story is to eat whatever you want whatever people think. Even when she because a dancer the teacher wanted her to come because she did whatever she was told and this made her happy.
The main idea of the long read is to prove that women will never be good enough therefor we should stop trying to make everyone else happy and instead eat what we please, stop dieting and just be happy being us. The author stayed on topic and made her opinion clear. I agree with this read and find the main points persuading and enlightening. eat what you want, do what makes you happy and you are one step closer to reaching your goal.