Identify a good read

When identifying a good read there are questions that you need to ask. Did you have questions about the read after? Did you fully understand what you read? Was the text hard to understand? Did it stay on topic? Were there too many details? Were there enough details? These are all questions that you should ask after reading anything.
I enjoyed reading the long read ‘Whole 60’ by Laura Lippman at the beginning she is talking about the books she would read at the library because she was too embarrassed by these particular ones to bring home. Being in a family of skinny people she was very self-conscious of herself and thinks of herself as fat, and much bigger than her family. She gets into dieting and possibly stops eating once and a while. She eventually was able to lose most of the weight and had a kid of her own. She lost more weight and tried to convince her daughter that women should eat what they want and not worry about what men think about them. Sad that it took her 50 years to figure that out she never said the word diet in front of her daughter. the main part of the story is to eat whatever you want whatever people think. Even when she because a dancer the teacher wanted her to come because she did whatever she was told and this made her happy.
The main idea of the long read is to prove that women will never be good enough therefor we should stop trying to make everyone else happy and instead eat what we please, stop dieting and just be happy being us. The author stayed on topic and made her opinion clear. I agree with this read and find the main points persuading and enlightening. eat what you want, do what makes you happy and you are one step closer to reaching your goal.

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