The Car of Your Dreams

So many people talk about the vehicle that they one day want. I don’t say that I don’t talk about getting a vehicle all I am saying is that I’m not picky on the vehicle I may get.

Yes, I’m 14 years old, no I don’t have one but I also don’t see any reason to think about getting a vehicle at this age. I cannot drive without a person 18+ that is a GDL.  As a dancer, I travel all over the country for competitions and it is a lot of responsibility I cannot drive on my own therefore I don’t think it is necessary that I get my own vehicle at this age.

This assignment isn’t on whether I think that it is necessary to have a vehicle at this age instead it is about the vehicle I supposedly dream about. I guess I would definitely be a chevy, I have no idea what color nor do I know anything about engines. Most definitely would it be a truck rather than a car because I live in the county and rarely get my road plowed.

I also would never get an already used vehicle because that’s disgusting. people have no idea who has been inside that vehicle or what has been done to that vehicle. By the time you get any vehicle that is already used its probably been trashed, and cleaned up only to make it look presentable. If you had any idea what was in that vehicle you probably wouldn’t even want to touch it.

To be honest, I’ve never thought about the vehicle I may someday get, and I know nothing about vehicles. I think I’ve made it very clear I don’t think that I should ve worried about any of this yet. But I guess if I did get a vehicle it would be a chevy truck.

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