Dream House

I only have ever thought about a dream house a couple times but to be honest I don’t remember what I planed it as. If I was looking into a new house I would most definitely have to consider the most important things: location, space, and features.

The house I would buy would always have to be relevantly close to family, friends, work, and dance. I may or may not still dance by the time I decide to buy a house, but as of right now a home closer to town would be very useful.

I am very particular when it comes to color schemes.  I like modern colors, but not too noticeable. When you hardly notice the walls space feels so much bigger. If I was to be inside my own house I know I would be overwhelmed and claustrophobic if the space was small. As of right now, I have a very large house with lots of space, so if I was to go without this my life would probably fall apart!

The color will have a lot to do with the space of a room. The other thing that has a big effect is the actual size of space. My house would be big, as I already said, and have a lot of rooms. My current kitchen I very big, with a huge island.  so I would probably look for the same features.

My dream house would be big, very big, and has most of the features my current house has. The location would have to be well thought out,  and the color scheme would be well picked.

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