Hero’s Journey

Multiple books have a sequence of events that the hero follows throughout the book. these events are what makes the book, and is based on a sequence.

‘Call to duty’ is the first part of the sequence where the hero or the protagonist is found in a situation that needs to be helped. this situation is usually an abnormal event. ‘Refusal of the call’ the hero/ protagonist runs from the assignment. ‘Crossing of the threshold’ is when the protagonist/hero accepts the call (this is usually when the protagonist meets a mentor). ‘Tests Allies and Enemies’ these are the tests and obstacles that the hero/ protagonist will have to get through. these are the challenges that help shape the story. ‘The Ordeal’ is in most cases the hardest challenge that the protagonist will face. ‘Supreme Ordeal’ the biggest, most intense challenge that the story was slowly building up to. ‘Reward and Journey Home’ if and after the hero has completed and survived the challenges the hero will get a reward, and travel home. This is the last part of the sequence.

One book that I have read that is an example of the hero sequence is Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling. Harry is the survivor of Lord Voldemort, after multiple encounters with Voldemort, he has the biggest most intense fight. He receives the reward that nobody has to hide in fear of Voldemort or his clan. those were only a few examples of the hero sequence, the sequence goes through seven books of the series.

another good example of the hero sequence is one that many people aren’t familiar with, this is called Bella rebellious by Rachel Hawkins. when she meets a janitor that is fighting one of the teachers to death in the bathroom, she is subjected to protect her worst enemy, after the refusal to the call, miraculous things happen and a mentor comes to help her. she helps to save the person she is entitled to save and encounters many challenges she has to overcome.

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