The Ten Commandments


1.) I am the Lord your God and you shall have no strange gods before me


  • I am the one and only god you shall worship


2.)You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain


  • You shall respect the Lord, his name and all he has given you.


3.)Remember the sabbath day and keep it holy


  • Do not forget the day of the Lord for it is one we love


4.)Honour your father and your mother


  • You shall not Honour and listen to people with authority


5.)You shall not kill


  • You shall honour all living objects


6.)You shall not commit adultery


  • You shall have only one husband/wife and respect them


7.)You shall not steal


  • You shall earn to accumulate goods


8.)You shall not bear false witness against your neighbour


  • You shall always be truthful to others


9.)You shall not covet your neighbour’s wife


  • You shall respect what others have earned


10.)You shall not covet your neighbour’s goods


  • You shall ask not take when in need of materials

The 10th Commandment


If you are poor and rich in spirit you are more rich then people who are poor in spirit because you have the ability to join god in heaven and you know the right and wrong was.  Are community can help by encouraging people and same with are school, are province by helping the poor by offering them goods and are country but welcoming people into the country and making them feel welcomed. Are world can show people respect and honour everyone in it.




For my personality I am the “Provider”. There are 4 parts in this personality type, Extraversion (energy), Sensing(information gathering), Feeling(making decisions), and Judging(lifestyle and structure). These are the things i’m most like picked out of two for each one, energy, information gathering, making decisions, and lifestyle and structure.

Extraversion(energy)- This means I am comfortable in large groups and i enjoy socializing, it also means I like being in the spotlight(which is true mostly), and i am not afraid to speak my mind when the time’s right.

Sensing(information gathering)- This one means I am organised with work I am doing or have done and am able to stay focused for long periods of times. It also means I rely on observations and measurements.

Feeling(making decisions)- This one means I can make decisions well thinking about how it will affect others and taking the certain circumstances into mind when doing so. It also means that in caring and kind.

Judging(lifestyle and structure)- This one means that I am logical and thought full and that I follow my dreams and goals and due my best to make deadlines. It also means that i like to organize and plan things to the best of my abilities and seek closure on tasks.

My Blue Print

My blue print gives you many different things to do and easy ways to complete projects.  You are able to take surveys to figure out unknown information about you and also give you the opportunity to learn about life and beyond.

Learning styles

I am a Kinesthetic learner. Kinesthetic learner prefers to learn by doing the activity not sitting and listening. For example they would rather be doing and experiment or building a machine rather then sitting in a classroom listening to the teacher give a lecture. If you are a kinesthetic learner you will probably take and explain things with your hands using different hand gestures. Another thing you might also be doing constantly is shaking your foot or fidgeting with a pencil or pen during class or other event.  It is also easier for you to study and interpret things if you write it by hand rather then typing on a computer. 

I am 31% visual learner which means to learn by looking and seeing and making many detailed notes. It is easier for visual learners to learn by seeing coloured illustrations and presentations. Sometime it is easier to just close your eyes and picture what it would be like if you were in a book during a certain part and picture what it would be like if it was a movie.

I am 29% a Auditory learner. This means you learn by listening. It might be easier to study if you hum or talk to yourself, you may also like listening to an audio book rather them reading it. So you would like to listen to your teacher talk about stuff rather then do an activity.