For my personality I am the “Provider”. There are 4 parts in this personality type, Extraversion (energy), Sensing(information gathering), Feeling(making decisions), and Judging(lifestyle and structure). These are the things i’m most like picked out of two for each one, energy, information gathering, making decisions, and lifestyle and structure.

Extraversion(energy)- This means I am comfortable in large groups and i enjoy socializing, it also means I like being in the spotlight(which is true mostly), and i am not afraid to speak my mind when the time’s right.

Sensing(information gathering)- This one means I am organised with work I am doing or have done and am able to stay focused for long periods of times. It also means I rely on observations and measurements.

Feeling(making decisions)- This one means I can make decisions well thinking about how it will affect others and taking the certain circumstances into mind when doing so. It also means that in caring and kind.

Judging(lifestyle and structure)- This one means that I am logical and thought full and that I follow my dreams and goals and due my best to make deadlines. It also means that i like to organize and plan things to the best of my abilities and seek closure on tasks.

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