I am the Sensei which means i am drawn towards knowledge, both learning and shearing. Sensei’s are patient, friendly, and generous, but often prefer to work independently as they have a strong focus on learning and understanding the tasks that come for them to accomplish to the best of their ability. They are known to end up completing studies in advanced academic degrees and specializing in areas they are drawn towards. Sensei’s are also very advanced with knowledge and are good at teaching it to or helping others with it. There are 2 main interest traits Investigating and Social. Artistic, Realistic, Enterprising, and Conventional are other traits but do not have as much of an effect as the main two. I am 54% Investigative which means i like working with theories, concepts, information and ideas. Curiosity, reasoning, logic, research, analisis and science are typically activities performed by the investigative interest. Social occupations revolve around people like assisting, teaching, healing, and other services. I am 50% Social and i can relate to this one because ever since i was a young child i’ve wanted to be a teacher of pediatric doctor.

I am 40% Artistic, 27% realistic, 23% enterprising, and 21% conventional. Being artistic requires the skill of self-expression, creativity and usually future work that can be done without a clear set of rules. This one requires an environment where flexibility, variety and Challenge are excepted. Being realistic is completing hands on activities usually involving jobs with animals, plants, materials, tools and machines. These jobs usually don’t involve a lot of paperwork. Being in a  enterprising occupation usually involves the world of business. They regularly provide starting and driving new projects. Conventional occupations focus on information and tool to analyze, organized and understand certain information. This may include activities such as creating plans, processes, and routines.



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