My top subject area is Physical Education. I love all subjects in school which has given me the goal to become some kind of teacher and teaching Physical Education would fall in that category. My second an third subject areas are Technical Trades and Languages. Technical trades in my perspective would be electrical work, carpentry, plumbing, hairstylist, welding, gas fitting, baker, and millwright. Languages in my perspective was be walking through the hallway at school listening to all the students speaking filipino, french and other varieties of languages. It would also be visiting my grandparents and listing to them and they have a conversation with my dad in danish (they only do that when they are wanting to tell secrets). Physical Education is being able to work effectively and efficiently during different physical activities, it may also be eating healthier or going on walks to help you have a healthy body and mind. Professions in physical education would be a school gym teacher, swimming instructor, ref or coach for big name sports teams, school sports coach and nutritionists.

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